Our Disney List...Summer Fun

It's a Disney kind of day!

I was sitting here with my 3 and 5 year old daughters, watching none other than "Spy Kids"  on Netflix - when my 5 yo asked, "Mom, why aren't the Disney movies on Netflix?"  

She is a sharp one!  So, I had to explain that Disney is a BIG place and they hold the rights to their movies and went on to go in some depth about how there is the dang vault that keeps movies until they decide to open it again and release them. 

(Still waiting for Beauty and the Beast here!)

So, we are sitting there and she proceeds to ask me which Princess is my favorite.  Well, for me this is pretty simple..see above... Belle of course!  My 3 yo shouts, "Me too, Mommy."  

I ask my 5 yo who her favorite princess is and I get crickets... Obviously, she is deep in thought about this question.  She then stands up and says, "Well, I love Rapunzel and that is my favorite Princess, but my favorite is Queen Elsa."  She is so technical!

So, I asked the girls what their favorite Disney movie was and in sync they both shouted "Frozen".  duh Mom, right!

So we went through a list of questions, that I wanted to share! 

I have our list and answers listed- try this at home and see what your kids come up with!

1. Favorite Movie  - Frozen

2. Favorite Princess-  Belle & Rapunzel - Queen Elsa

3. Favorite Prince-  lots of discussion here - between Ariel's Eric and Christoff - but he is not a prince!

4. Favorite Song-  Demi Levato

5. Favorite Kiss-   This one got an "eww" response.

6. Prettiest Princess - Ariel

7. Favorite Castle - Cinderella's

8. Saddest Moment-  When Elsa & Anna's parents don't come home.

9. Favorite Couple-  I got blank stares here!  They both agreed Anna and Christoff

10. Best Hair-  Elsa's when she becomes a Queen.

11. Favorite Animal Sidekick - Clover- Sofia's bunny

12. Favorite Non-Animal Sidekick -  I get BLANK stares here!

13. Favorite Outfit-  This one was easy for them- Elsa's Dress when she became the Snow Queen

14. Favorite Villain- Hans

15. Favorite Singing Voice-  Elsa's voice

16. Best Eyes-  it was a toss up between Elsa/ Anna/ and Rapunzel

17. Favorite Name-  Belle and Elsa

18. Favorite Soundtrack- they both LOVE the Tinkerbell soundtrack & Frozen

19. Funniest Moment- they both agreed that Anna was hilarious. They were discussing the part when Anna wanted to marry Hans and she was silly!

20. Bravest Princess- they thought Meridian (Brave) was the bravest.

21. Most Magical Moment- When Anna froze to block Hans from freezing Elsa and the love unfroze her.

22. Favorite Happy Ending- They liked when Christoff came to Anna.

I think that hands down- my girls Favorite movie was Frozen - I mean, they did ONLY see it like maybe 200 times since its release! (and twice in the theater!)

I hope you take this list and ask your kids- I love hearing little answers to these questions and seeing their thoughts form! It's a great exercise for their minds as well!

Happy Friday ALL!


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