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BeachBody- What is it?

I have started up my Beachbody business and I am ready to W O R K O U T !!
You've seen the commercials, heard of P90X, T25, Hip Hop Abs, but do you know what they are all about?  Well, allow me to introduce myself!  
Hi, I am Kel Amstutz, hopefully I will get to be YOUR coach!  I am so excited to be a part of Beachbody, again!  I have signed on to change my life and hopefully someone else's life as well.  I am very excited and Pumped Up about this exciting career.  I would love to tell you what BeachBody is all about, have you join in on my Challenges and see what I am all about as a BeachBody coach and what this business opportunity means to me!

Starting tomorrow, June 1st, I am launching my first Group to start a Mean Abs, June challenge, for free.  All you have to do is join my facebook group and document your results, share your food ideas and report on your workouts and progress.  It is really that easy!  I will be doing my best to encourage all and…

Hot Topic!!! Your kids and Toy Guns- what is your stance?

Toy Guns for your kids?  So, here we are, my little family of four, standing at Bass Pro, checking out the "kids" section.  My little ladies see these popper guns, you know the ones, they have a cork that "POPs" when you pull the trigger...its kind of large and of course P I N K and my girls want one!Hubby of course if all for it.. I am kind of apprehensive.  I mean, there is this thing in society of "doing the right thing" in regards to Parenting. What would you do? 
Toy guns are just that.  TOYS!  My Husband and I are both CCW certified and I even own my own firearm.  I was trained to use it, know the safety measures to take to make sure my family is safe, when not in use and also believe that in a situation where my family is in danger, I will shoot!  So, why was I apprehensive.  Wouldn't I, as a Parent, want my children to feel safe around firearms, ensuring that they know how to use them, in an emergency life or death situation?  Oey Vey... On some…

Attention: Missing Blogger...

Wednesday, May 28th 2014

Where have I been? 
It is with a heavy heart that I have to acknowledge that I went missing! I have been under going a huge transformation to my life.  It has been a journey and guess what, I AM NOT DONE!
I woke up in late April and did not have to head off to work in the wee hours of the morning.  I got to take my time putting on my makeup, doing my hair and getting dressed.  I was able to spend time with my little ladies and most importantly, I was allowed to breathe!  Doesn't that sound stupid?  I mean, really, Kel, you did not do these things before?  My answer is No.  I was working before dawn, getting off right at lunch time and running around the city picking up kids, running mindless errands and exhausting myself with tedious tasks and chores inside the home. By the time I would look up, it was time to put my kids in the tub, rush them to bed and with the few minutes I had before I would crash in order to do this all again the next day, I was trying …

Getting back to blogging...

My life has been flipped up side down the past few weeks!  I enjoyed a much needed vaca before starting my new job and thoroughly enjoyed my time with my babies!  I started my work at home job on Thursday and I have a lot to learn and some adjustments to make, but I am really loving the opportunity and being at home. I am still trying to work around my kids, which I want to adventure handle a little different once I am not so actively learning! 
Over the weekend my Hubby had his big 3 5th birthday and my parents took our kids overnight so we could go to Mancy ' s Steakhouse for dinner (delicious) and we went to the Hollywood Casino. We invited a few couple friends and had a blast! It was great and Hubby won a little sumthin and I got a great cranberry and vodka buzz going so it was awesome! (Says the girl that doesn't drink! Ever)
Life threw me a curveball with my old job not paying out my vacation time, which hurt..but God blessed my family in other ways.
Life is good. It …