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5 ways to get started as a Stay At Home Babysitter

It is time to start "shopping".  Of course, the thought of no longer working at home, being here for my kids is starting to make my anxiety rise.  My children have learned, in the past nine months, to depend on me.  They are now used to Mommy being Home.  For me to head back out into the field and give up getting my oldest child on the bus, or off, and give up getting my youngest her breakfast and getting ready to go to Nana's, or picking her up in the afternoon, is frankly, just not fair! (in a high whine voice, of course)

So, what do you do when you know...that God's plan is a big, fat push in your butt to find your own way? find your own way, right!  So the 'heat is on' to find my path and what better way than with you.  What better way to have accountability, right!

So, let's look at 5 ways get started as a  Stay at Home Babysitter...let me help you, as I help myself!

Start a Babysitting Business - Ideas for Babysitting for Stay at Home Mom …

Let's Read Something... Friday, February 27th 2015

What better way to expand your horizons than to pick up some great, FREE books for your Nook or Kindle?  

I have a few goodies to share:

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