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Being a Mom is a piece of cake-right.

Eh...not so much. 
It ain't easy. 

There are good days...and bad ones. 
There are moments you will hold onto forever and some you'd like to chuck in "that" good old EFF it bucket!
There are days you are looking all over for the nonexistent manual that tells you what to do ... or what comes next, only to find out, IT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST

There is that morning when no one wants to get out of bed...not even YOU...but you suck it up, put your best foot forward and become the Drill Sargent with a mission to get kids out the door by eight a.m. or else!

Weekends don't even offer a break. 
Those same kids who DID NOT want to get up yesterday...on Friday...seem to be up at the ASS CRACK OF DAWN...seriously
What is up with that anyways?  

It's six o'clock and one of those sweet, angelic children are yelling.. "Mom...the sun's up...time for us to be up."

Damn you Spring Forward!

Remember those days when you were…

Power your child's love of words: With FUN Games

Summer Reading Has its Rewards
I am a big nerd about you all know after reading/searching my blog!  Well, I gave this "bug" of reading...this LOVE of my oldest daughter. She is six now, and just learned how to really put words together through her Kindergarten year and to say that she is eager, enthusiastic would be an understatement! 

Play Matchmaker: Early readers will get a kick out of recognizing words.  Toss a bunch of household items-your kid's plastic dino, a seashell, a pencil-into a bucket.  Write the corresponding words on note cards.  Your child's mission: Match each item with its written description. 
Swap Stories by the Campfire: Pack your kid's FAVORITE (not too) spooky tales and a flashlight, and act out the stories in your best ghostly voice.  Not into Camping?  Well, just head to the backyard after dark and make a great memory! Tell a Zany Story: Preschoolers LOVE to chat (boy do they!), and a DIY mad libs power your child'…

Summer Learning Fun!

Summer is knocking at our door, literally!  We are on the downward spiral, SUMMER VACATION!!!  

Who is ready?

Wait...put the BREAKS ON!  We have spent the past 9 months learning, listening, working on behavior, our manners, and learning how to read...and now we are going to halt all that FUN for the next two months: UGH! 

Parents dread this, losing ground on our kids education. But: keeping your child's brain sharp doesn't require thick packets, boring drills or block walls.  

Below are BOREDOM BUSTERS that help offer a great way to work in some skill-building during the exciting Summer Break!!

Kids get a MATH WORKOUT when you have them price items, give change, and calculate the costs of everything sold, by say....3 PM by offering a 25% discount.  For younger ones, they get to learn about the value of a dollar and they will simply LOVE using the Calculator or adding machine.

BONUS: Your child will also be able to discover the value of recycling and …