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Day 10...I wish this dream would end

I have put down this writing challenge for a few days. 

Yes, I am still writing, I just left this one behind for a few days to get my mind cleared out and get back on track!  

Sometimes, that is needed. 

Are we ready to pick it back up? 
We are going to have our Challenge Words M-F and break on Saturday and Sundays to regroup- due to the fact that I have 130 days worth of Writing Challenge words.  
Are we excited?

Day 10- Writing Challenge Word of the Day:

It has been a blessing in disguise that I have been able to see, first hand, how solitude and boredom manifests within a soul.  Due to the fact that I have nothing but time, I have the time to write, to document what is happening around me, within me. Our world is not as it once was, all within ten days or so. I am working hard to try to keep a system on what day it is, whether it is day or night and trying to figure out time, since I failed to wear my watch prior to the panic and the isolation.  If I could go back above ground, I would be…

Confessions: from a Six Year Olds' Soccer MOM

Like so many Moms out there, I have joined the "CLUB"of Soccer Moms and boy, have I been enlightened! 
Let's start off by a little background, shall we?   So, a lovelyBRIGHT ORANGEform comes home from school back in January with big letters stating that it is:
Time to sign your student up for Soccer. 
I mean, my kid was jumping up and down with excitement! It was time for Soccer to enter our world. Truth be told, Mom was pretty excited too!  We wrote out the check, filled out the form, crossed all our T's and mailed it out to the organization with hopes of starting soccer in late March, early April. 
Then, it was silence for a few months.  Still, my kid had some chatter about soccer here and there, but it was a mute subject for the most part. 
But that all changed in Mid-March when the phone calls started that they were looking for a coach for our daughters team.  Ut oh...  Of course, my Hubby would have done coaching in a heartbeat, if he did not work nights!  And, Mom i…

Off the AIR.... (Saturday, 4/18/2015)

Join me tomorrow for  regularly scheduled posts!


Thanks all!

Day Two...How I MISS You

Another writing day challenge WORD is ready for all the writers who are BRAVE enough to challenge their skills!

Writing Challenge WORD OF THE DAY:
DAY #9
Day 2-Underground
I feel into a sleepless slumber as soon as my exhausted head hit the pillow on the comfy air-mattress. It was early when I dozed off after having a day to settle myself in our new surroundings. It was a bit more tight down here than it had been in the basement, but we were all adjusting well.  The air was thicker down here, as we were twelve people sharing the same space within maybe five hundred square feet of safe shelter. 
The girls were settled by my side and Johnie was settled next to theirs. Our family was settled, which had not been a word spoken in nearly six, seven days. We had two working watches which let us all know what time of day it was and if it was day or night at present. We were embarking on day two and it was time for me to stop my mopping and perk up, accepting the circumstances which I…

Day One beneath the Sun....

It is yet another day, and we are well into our writing challenge quest!  
How are we all feeling about our word of the day?
Hopefully, you are eager to get started with another challenge for another day ... let's get started!

of our writing challenge:

con·cert noun ˈkänˌsərt/ 1. a musical performance given in public, typically by several performers or of several separate compositions. "symphony concerts" synonyms:musical performance, showproductionpresentation; More 2. formal agreement, accordance, or harmony. "critics' inability to describe with any precision and concert the characteristics of literature" verbformal kənˈsərt/ 1. arrange (something) by mutual agreement or coordination. "they started meeting regularly to concert their tactics"

Day 1
We made our way quietly to the safe haven. I lead the group of us through the long, dark, damp tunnel and unlocked the strong, steel door that lead us inside of the compound. I felt as if I was outside of my ow…

When the day turns to night... (#7)

It is writing challenge DAY #7 and I am eager to hear how everyone is doing? 

How is the WORD OF THE DAY? 
Is it sparking enough creativity for you to write your heart out?

Well, as the saying goes..."The show must go on..."

Writing Challenge- Day #7- 


It was a shock to my system. I know that I laid in the dark, the quiet surrounding me for a long while. I finally allowed myself to fall asleep, only to toss and turn as the thoughts rumbled inside my head. My dreams were an illusion of what once was, tainted with my new knowledge. 
"Kasey." a voice in the distance said.
It was Johnie. He was waking me up, startling me out of the horror.  "Was I thrashing?" I asked confused.
"No. It's sunrise. We need to start preparing."
His words were so short. His mouth lacking love. I knew he loved me, of course, but this had changed him.  This had hardened him.  I don't think he even noticed the girls, not for the five, wait, now six days were …

Writing Challenge Day #6- READY OR NOT....

Today it is all about {Just Write}.  Let's stop the small talk and jump right to it!  I am excited to put my words on the paper, and I hope you are too!

Our WORD of the DAY is:

The walls were closing in on me.  I was having trouble breathing.  I felt as if I were outside of my body, looking down in horror at the picture of myself, in the dark, with the only light coming from that single light bulb. 
The rest of my family were sound asleep in the other room. They were sound and comfortable, given the circumstances.  
Johnie was standing in front of me. He saw the sicken state I had taken, all too quickly. He knew that it was to much for me to handle, yet he had to tell me or I would find out on my own and it would result in something far worse than just the knowledge of what our World now was. 
"Kas, are you OK." he spoke softly, as he held me tightly, cutting off the only breathe that I could now take.  I could not speak. I could not think. I was numb. I felt foreign, sitting…

A day in the life of an ALMOST 4 Year Old.

I have this amazing, smart, beautiful angel  girl who is turning four next week. 
This has been a big deal in our house, one that has left her feeling no super great about the transition from still a technical baby to a BIG GIRL.

Over the past month I have been dealing with new challenges from her, as we are all really excited for her to be a year older, including big sis.  Our little girl has had melt downs, which we have never had before, whining, well, let's face it.. she's been a whine-er since she was born! Unusually crying, sadness and she has been wetting her pants a lot.  We have all tried to be patient, or as much as we can with her transition but it has been so out of character for her that I was growing worried. 

Then came the talk about Preschool. 

Now, thinking back, my oldest was always SO excited about school and making friends and the whole package. My youngest is NOT. This might be an understatement.  We had a very intelligent conversation about it this morning, o…