Friday, April 22, 2016

One FISH...Two FISH... Three FISH... FOUR....

Friday, April 22, 2016
by: Kelley Amstutz

Yesterday was a busy, crazy, fanatically magical day for one birthday girl as she made her way to FIVE


She went to Pre-K, where she helped her teachers make a birthday crown!  

I picked her up and whiskered her back home for lunch- nutella in the shape of a HEART...of course! 
While she was at school, this Mom snuck in to grab a HUGE Minnie Mouse balloon to SURPRISE her when we made our way back home after school...and it WORKED

She was so gosh, darn excited for the balloon...that honestly, we have had before for one of the other four birthdays she has had that has been MINNIE...just saying!

OK- so we ate lunch...then Daddy got up and we headed to the PET STORE.  All she knew was that we had an important errand to run and she would leave HAPPY. worked!

But, said Pet Store did NOT have what we needed- unfortunately

So off to Wally-world we go...because they have EVERYTHING..don't ya know

  • Tank- Check.
  • Fish- Check.
  • Fish- Check.
  • Fish- Check.
  • Fish- Check.
  • Fish Food- Check. 
  • One Sponge Bob Pineapple Under the Sea... CHECK! 
  • Purple Rocks- Check.

We made our way home with  
four fish of various sizes and colors

Tank was urgently set up because we did have this NOW five year old who was 

This excitement was proceeded with naming off four RANDOM names.

I mean...seriously... 
  1. Mac
  2. Joey
  3. Cocoa- Short for COCONUT
  4. Diamond

And, I state again...SERIOUSLY...  

Before we all knew it, it was time to set these fish to sea. 

I mean, we should have known that this was GOING TO BE A DISASTER when the moment Daddy put the fish in...the red finned shark fish BAILED out of the tank and was flopping around on the dresser. 


Luckily I had seen this even unfold...or fishy would of been out of luck!

 It was a few moments of learning how to feed...more happiness sprinkles spread around us all...and then she had to stay and watch...and watch these crazy fish that were swimming around the tank like their tales were on fire. #truestory

Now, I need to write a disclaimer...this story will take a turn for the viewer discretion is advised.

We went off to dinner, birthday girls pick..gone maybe about an hour or so...
we returned with a five year old who was SO excited to show her Nana and Papa her new FOUR fish. 

Awesome. Sweet. We all couldn't wait...


There are three fish in the tank and one is DOA and ONE IS SWIMMING UPSIDE DOWN (of course...this is the RED FINNED SHARK...that said FIVE Year OLD LOVES!) - EEK

And then...there was 1 and a HALF...

By nine o'clock we were down to one fish in the tank. 

One fish, swimming strong. 

I had to collect the three others...and yes- the missing one was found in the filter tray- GROSS!  But, since they were "UNDER WARRANTY" I had to collect their bodies in a sandwich bag. 

Ms. Five year old was OK with having ONE FISH LEFT....because she was SO excited to feed it...and due to the fact that she was going back to the store to get more brand spanking new, shiny fishies. 

Unfortunately... the solo swimmer did NOT make it... as he was found being sucked into the filter by morning

  • The good news is that Ms. Five was OK
  • She had come to terms with her MALFUNCTIONED fish. 
  • She had MOVED on... to a BIG, FAT GOLDFISH... or so she jumped up and down after finding her last dead fish friend. 

So...Daddy got up (btw he works a weird 2nd his a.m. is the afternoon) and off the two of them went...sandwich bag full of four DEAD fish in pick out FOUR new friends.

Shortly after...our five year old is once again jumping up and down...

We went through the same process...the tank alive with four GOLDFISH... 

  1. one FAT Goldfish who had donned the name BIG MAC....
  2. one black Goldfish named Blankie...
  3. one white and gold...
  4. one all silver...

their names have left my brain- as well as hers and I am certain that they will be donning new names by morning! 

The great news is nearly 9:00 p.m. and we still have FOUR FISH! 


#todaywasagoodday #oratleastbetterthanyesterday

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

[Personal Post] : Reflections in the PAST.... five years ago today...

(Be back to DAILY DEALS on eBooks on Monday!)


April 21, 2016
by: Kelley Amstutz

It was early in the morning. Kamee had woke up, her mee-moow (pacifier) had fallen behind and under her crib...of course! 

Here I am, 38 weeks preggers, bending down, still in pain from a version procedure preformed a few days prior to turn my unborn baby girl around because she decided to be breech...and the procedure was un-necessary because my girl is STUBBORN! So, here I am at a lovely 3:30 a.m. in the dark, searching for this darn mee-moow for this 2 year old baby girl who was NOT HAPPY without it! I finally got it, grabbed onto the crib rail to get UP and WHOOSH!  It was time...

I went into the bathroom and started getting myself ready, made my phone calls to have Dad come grab the kiddo and a little before 5 a.m. we were well on our way to the hospital to meet our newest addition...and I am NOT going to lie...I knew what was coming!

So, we get to the hospital and to be honest...a whirlwind of events happened that I can not even remember fully. Everything was FAST!  I was geared up for the c-section that I HAD to have due to my girl still sitting head up...but there was urgency that was felt but not really seen. I mean were talking minutes went by...not hours... and then I am being wheeled into surgery, shaking like a leaf. My Doc held me while I got the epi- thank goodness because I was SO nervous, and she talked me through the whole thing to the point that it did not end up being as bad and it might have, had I been alone. (Hubby was not allowed in until LATER.) 

Then I was alone. There were noises. There were things going on in the distance. I was just thinking about my Husband and praying he would come in soon because I was scared. 

Next thing I know, he's standing beside me, our baby arrived, I saw her, then Hubby and her left and I was once again alone...for what felt like forever.  The thing is...we might not have met her at all...the version might have caused the cord to wrap around her neck, which caused some distress in her...thank goodness they were in a rush and all was well.

This is the story of my girls beginning. She has always been a fighter. A crier. I whiner if I may. She was beautiful from the first sight of her. (Not that my first was not, because she was equally as gorgeous...)  

Our family FELT complete.

This was five year ago! HARD to believe. I mean, so MUCH has happened since that day. We found ourselves with a baby girl who DID NOT SLEEP until she was four! (OK maybe 3 1/2...) 

Kit Kat, I tell you all the time that without you, our family wouldn't be the same. You bring laughter, silliness, giggles to brighten all of our days. You have a kind heart, a big smile, and a perfect imagination. You talk loud, you whine like no other, you don't listen, and you are ornery in your own right, but I wouldn't change you ... OK, well maybe the listening thing...but we will get there! ;)

You drink in this world, you take in everything that is around you, you rub off your sweetness on all and give to anyone without reason. I know the world holds greatness for you, I see it already.  

Today I watched you play like it was the last day on earth. You grabbed your barbies and put them in the grass and made their world come alive, all while you are sick. You are loved. I could not even begin to tell you how much. You are loved and loved again. 

We wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY...this one is FIVE and I know you CAN NOT WAIT to CHEW GUM!  We have a TON for you!!! This is a BIG year for you...starting school and learning and finding new friends that will be with you on this adventure called life for years to come. 


It is bittersweet.  I am beyond excited to see you grow, to watch you become YOU...but I am sadden that MY last BABY is FIVE.  You are OFFICIALLY NOT a BABY any longer. (tear) 

Grow your wings little one...learn to fly beyond our nest. Never forget your giggles, or your smile as you give this life your best. 

Happy Birthday Baby.... WE LOVE YOU so MUCH! 

Mom, Dad, KJ, Otis, Pumpkin, Porkchop & 11 chickens! ;)

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