Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Say goodbye to 2013! Say HELLO to 2014

Out with the old, in with the NEW!  I am SO ready for 2014.  I haven't gone as far as to COUNT DOWN the days till 2013 is OUT, but I am ready to do some spring cleaning and MOVE ON!

2013- in a nutshell was a TRYING year for us.  We had a lot of turmoil with our new house, my family, and trying to move in.  I think its sad that our goals never shaped up to be a common goal.  Ours was always trying to make this our "dream" house, trying to see if what we liked could become a reality.  Others wanted to get stuff done, fast and worry about the imperfections later.  Or, just not think outside of the box at all.  Oh well, it is done and over, we made it through it all and keep on trucking.  My Hubby is in NO WAY, SHAPE or FORM a carpenter.  I am super proud of his accomplishments, no matter how UN-up to par there were for SOME* - he jumped into this project, feet first and was learning throughout, still learning, as there is still much to do.  A lot of people wanted to make this house what they felt was suitable, instead of listening or taking our thoughts and ideas into consideration.  We worked together as a team and I even managed to catch flak on that because some said that my Hubby was controlling.  I have learned a lot about myself through this entire process.  I don't care what others think of me, or my life, my house, because at the end of the day you can't make everyone happy.  People will always talk, and that is OK.  If someone is truly your friend they will always know that there are two sides to any story or situation for that matter.  I have been hurt this past year also and learned that I will never put my kids through the troubles that I have endured.  I mostly learned that misery loves company, at any cost.  That is the one that bites the hardest.  I have a great life, a wonderful Hubby and good kids.  I am loved and feel loved and find nothing but happiness in whatever place I call home.
Anyways, out with all that garbage.  We did a hell of a lot more fighting this year than anything else and I am glad to *finally be out of the line of fire.  I am letting go of the negative and moving on with my life and the positives that are all around me!

So, here is my toast to 2014.  I have MANY plans- from getting back into workout mode, eating right to starting our 52 weeks of saving program to save up for Disney!  It is in our future!!!   I also have high hopes for my current position at work and building up moral  in our little office.  We need to get back to having a little fun around there!

As for My family, I want to make lots of memories in 2014.  We are not so straddled with this house, now that we are finally living here, and I want to have fun with the girls.  As soon as spring comes, we are starting our much awaited garden!  I can't wait.  I am also letting my OCD ways go a little and not being so strict on bedtimes and schedules around here.  I can survive and have survived on 5 hours of sleep at night so if i want to stay  up and watch that new show that is on at 10, damn it, I am going to!

Time is flying and its time to start living, enjoying, embracing and writing my own story!

So, Happy New Year, I welcome you with open arms!!!   Bring it 2014~

new years subway art

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Live, Love and Laugh.

Getting in gear for 2014

I will have resolutions for the New Year and Goals and Hopes and Dreams like everyone else. One of my big ones is its past time to get ORGANIZED. I have a new house and a Crap load if stuff and on a regular basis I can't find Anything!  Well, I have this pinterest find and handy clean sheet which will become a part of my 2014 Bible.  Hopefully it will come in handy to others as well.

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Well it happened again! We ran out if propane. One entire week later, we now have heat again.  The downside is that our propane lasted ONLY 1 month.  Ugh. So we have been putting off getting a new thermostat since we moved in back in October.  So, today our propane came and our thermostat changed to a NEAT.  Its frickin awesome.  Very Smart. Pretty. Sleek.  I'm super excited and so far it's rocking. Definitely worth the investment so far.  ++++A

Friday, December 27, 2013

Hair Did!!

Finally got my Hair DID today.  Long overdue!  I had over 5 inches cut, mahogany highlights put in on top and blonde ombre underneath. I'm loving it.  No more ponytails and Bobby pins for this girl!  2014 watch yo-self!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fast & Furious 6. RIP Paul Walker

Completed our collection.  Even snagged the collectors tin. Whoot Whoot

New Product to Try! Zehnder's of Frankenmuth

I think I have posted before about my Olga ' s Kitchen obsession.  Well, last night while getting together with my Parents, my Mom pulled thus little beauty out and asked us to taste.  OH MY GOD! it tastes JUST like Olga's Almond Butter that comes with put a chips. Frankenmuth is in Michigan and they need to watch out because I will either be making a trip or searching online!  If you come across this, definitely buy it, it's delicious!!! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas to all

And to ALL a good night!

My Life is at a Crossroad..

My Life is at a Crossroad.

I am in the heart of life's journey.  I am on an adventure of self discovery, to find out where I am supposed to be, who I am supposed to be and what matters the most to me.  I believe that God puts obstacles in our path, tests, if I may, to help us see the greener grass.  Sometimes it is greener on the other side, sometimes it simply isn't.  I have a decision to make.  One that I was sure of until I listened to my inner self, to my fears, my hesitations, my wants and needs.  This has left me in nothing more than turmoil.  I felt so ready to shed my old self, to move on, to be guided by God's path that he set forth for me only to listen to my heart and my head and the feelings that my body was reacting to my upcoming decisions.  I recently went for a very important interview, the position would be a great fit for me but the hours are long, the commute is over thirty minutes and the pay is less than my current position.  My dilemma is that my current position is unsteady, the future is unclear.  I was ready to move on, or so I thought.  I received great news, only thing is that after sitting back and weighting the wonderful pros vs. the cons, I have more reservations than not.  I have two kids that I am so spoiled by the fact that I work very early in the morning and get off in the early afternoon, which leaves ample time to spend with them.  I don't feel that I am missing out on TO much, although I miss the getting ready for the day part.  I am lucky that I have an excellent Hubby, who to is making sacrafices for our family.  I will be able to pick up my oldest from school in the fall due to the hours of my current job, that this new offer would not provide.  I don;t want to miss my girls lives.  I want to be able to be there for them when they are involved in after school activities and so forth.  I like all the time off that I do get in my current position and really had to reflect on these facts.  I have taken for granted my position and the offer has put it all back into perspective. 

I went to work today with a new light, a new perspective, a new attitude.  I worked hard and gave it my all and even brought out my creative side, which was a light that was slowly dimming.  I am great at what I do and great at the work that I produce.  I want to excel but would be happy to stay in my position if I am able to keep growing. The crossroads of life are stressful, hard and telling.  I have learned from this experience and although the perks were good, they just don't make sense in the grand scheme of my life.  I want to be a Mom first, my family will and must come first.  I need my girls as much as they need me and would not be truly happy being away from them. 

That being said, I don't know what my future holds in my current position, but all I can hope for is that I prove that I am an asset and hopefully that can secure me a spot no matter what happens. 

I think these inspirational quotes sum it all up for my life at this moment in time:


Monday, December 23, 2013

Movies to watch during the Christmas Season

This year I am ALL about these darn Lifetime Movies!  I don't know what it is, but I can't seem to STOP watching.  Last night it was  Christmas on the Bayou and I LOVED IT!  Not only did it have my One Tree Hill Characters (oh how I miss OTH..), Hilary Burton and Tyler Hilton- but it is also about the Bayou in Louisiana.  I might not have mentioned before, but I am OBSESSED with LA.  I have NO idea why and this obsession started when I was young.  Turns out my Hubby's Grandmother on his Dad's side was from LA, coincidence, I think NOT!
But this movie was excellent and proved to be DVR worthy! I can't wait to turn it on later tonight- AGAIN!

Christmas on the Bayou (2013) Free Movie Download | movies.links420.com

[CHILDREN'S BOOKS] 6+ ---- Around the world Santa Claus has many names. But in a deep, swampy bayou of Louisiana, he's known as Papa Noël. In such a hot and humid place, there can be no sleds or reindeer, so Papa Noël rides the river in a boat that's pulled by eight alligators, with a snowy white one named Nicollette in the lead. A colorfully inventive Christmas tale, Papa Noël is a lesson in fast thinking, as well as a witty introduction to a part of America that's rich in folklore and legend.
The night before last, I watched "A Snow Globe Christmas" which was also a Great Movie!  I must be feeling the holidays this year!  I am obsessed with Lifetime movies.  Getting into the holiday spirit!

A Snowglobe Christmas

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Have I paid my dues...yet?

This article is great to keep in mind with the Holidays quickly approaching!    " lots of time off from work between Thanksgiving and Christmas -- has the potential to be even more stressful than being at the office."    "That's why a week off is nice in theory, but in reality it often means you spend the week(s) before your vacation cramming in two weeks of work - http://www.salary.com/time-off-without-losing-mind/

Have you paid your Dues at work yet?

Well, this week is exceptionally stressful for me!  I not only have a million holiday things to get ready, but I also have to work!  Yes, I said it, that four letter word that I WISH I didn't have to bring up, but, I am one of the unlucky ones who will be bundling up at five a.m. to set off to that wonderful place I call W-O-R-K!

I was talking to a co-worker today, who thinks it is RIDICULOUS that once again, another year, I am working on Christmas Eve!  Especially when my back-up does not have kids.  It is pretty amazing!  I have always given up the day before and after the holidays to those co-workers who had children, before I had kids- but that has NEVER been the case in my current place of employment.  I think, personally, I have PAID MY DUES!  I have had children for 4 years now and get screwed on Thanksgiving, having to work Black Friday, every year for the past 5, and the day before Christmas, every year for the past 5!  Last  year I was suppose to have the time off, but over my summer vacation I get a phone call in which my co-worker is frantic to trade so she can go on a trip to Vegas.  Me, begin the DUMB ASS that I am, flexes to allow it and then she doesn't even end up going on her vacation, but she sure as hell didn't offer me back my days.

Here I am again, in a new house, and I work Christmas eve! Oh joy!  I also had to work the day after Thanksgiving and the days around the fourth of July!  I'm so lucky!  It is getting old, considering that I have lots of presents to wrap (OK, so I already have everything ready to go- well almost everything!) - and a 2 and 4 year old that I would LOVE to spend tomorrow with.  Oh well, I guess I can just chalk it all up to the fact that I am STILL Paying my Damn Dues!

All I want for Christmas is time off!!  But my time starts December 26th and I cant wait!!!  Bring it!

Happy Holidays all!

Maybe just no shirt. Don't think I want to see my coworkers bottoms!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our First Fire!

Well 2 days ago we ran out of propane, again!  Our last fill up w as 1 month ago.  How in the heck did we go through a tank of propane in 1 month you might ask? I am asking the SAME question.  Obviously we have an issue!  Well the propane place isn't open on weekends so it back to 24-7 heaters but our 1st floor won't heat so it's freezing!  Well Hubby is on vaca so he gets to feel the cold!  So, I finally talked him into lighting a fire, which he was completely against.  Well the coldness took over and now we have a beautiful fire going in our massive fire place. Whoo hoo!  And it smells wonderful!  Let's get warm!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

FROZEN, Friday!

Today was an AWESOME day.  My Mom wanted to take Ms. 4YO to see Frozen.  She asked me to tag along and I really wanted Ms. 2 YO to come with.  Well, we picked out a 2:20PM showing and headed to the theatre after I got off work. 
I felt a little nervous! We got settled into the seats when my 2 YO's seat flipped her back and nearly folded her in half!  Well, she chose to find her seat on my lap. 
Anyways, it went great! My little ladies kept quiet and mesmorized!  The movie was AH-MAZING! 

The best part was on the ride home Ms. 4YO wanted to be Ilsa and Ms. 2YO wanted to be Anna.  Their imainations did not stop all night!  My girls are so much fun and we had a great day.  Now I cant wait to see it again, bu tin 3-D!!!

What a Great Day!!!

Frozen...Not just about finding a guy, its about sister relationships to!!! soo beautiful!love Frozen

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last Minute PreK Party...tomorrow!

Had to scramble today!  Our 4yo went to school today and was informed that tomorrow is the class party.  Way to drop the ball Mom!  So it's a mad dash to Rite Aid for gift bags and candy!  Not bad for last minute!!!

Inspirational Quote of the Day

I LOVE this!  I want to read it over and over again!  Life is full of unexpected moments, it is what you do with each that validate the type of person you are.
I believe in my faith and the Lord.  I have recently took his hand and asked him to lead the way and I feel like I am on my way to the right path for this time in my/our life. This seems very fitting for how my life is, my fears, my anxieties and my future.


Monday, December 16, 2013

2 Words every Parent NEVER wants to hear...

Yes, we live in a remodeled house.  Although our 1st floor is flustercuck (see what I did there!) - our 2nd floor is pretty much complete- minus a few doors here and there.   The girls rooms are set up, toys are all over, cubbies and doll houses and bins full of stuff.  Their rooms are usually a disaster, unless Mommy is around and usually on her hands and knees - picking up, with threats of throwing it all away spewing from her mouth as she continues to carefully place the discarded items in their appropriate bins.
My 4 yo has been antsy lately.  She can not seem to find anything to engage her.  She plays here and there, but not like my 2 yo, who leaves no bin unturned. She has been into her Princess dolls lately, dressing them, undressing them, re-dressing.  She pretends they are going to parties and on adventures. This seems to be the extent of her play. 
We recently put a computer in her room so that she has access to ABC Mouse (I am only paying for a year- would be nice if she used it!) - but even that does not seem to engage her.  She plays, she works on her coloring - but she can not seem to get involved enough to complete a lesson. I have tried to sit with her, and that seems to help a little, but she is just BUSY!
So, yesterday, the dreaded words escaped her mouth.  She was sliding down the stairs, over and over again.  Yes, she does have rug burn on the backs of her legs, told ya so! I asked her repeatly to STOP (I was about to lose my mind) and she says, "But Mom, Im BORED!"  - what? What do you mean your BORED?  Do you even know what that means?  I told her to go find something to do because when she gets antsy, her listening ears forget to work.
She is 4- how can she possibly be bored?  Yesterday, our day consisted of Play-Doh, baby dolls, Magiclip Princesses, Pretend Play, Uno, they played with musical instruments and colored. That is a lot of stuff to do and we still have barbies, doll houses, Dora, Dress up, beauty shop, etc.
On the bright side, we had to run a late errand, got home around 6 and took the girls outside.  Ms. 2 yo hated it!  She cried to come in because she was cold!  Ms. 4 yo stayed out until after 7 and only came in because her Hot Cocoa was ready!
I guess I better get ready, I think she is going to be my outdoorsy girl. Now we are in the coutnry, I think she is going to have a blast!

But, I am loving this:

Vibrant Designs - great idea for the kids - especially school holidays!

My Fantasy...

In my fantasy world, I am one Organized Mama!  In my reality, I might be organized at work, but our home life is ANYTHING but!  I have this dream of being able to go into my MESS I am currently calling an Attic and shelving, labeling and organizing everything.  I call this a dream because finding the time to actually accomplish this mission is unrealistic!

I see things like this and feel sadness.  I have worked with meal planning, currently am in the heart of one, but it never works as planned for our family!  It is already hard because Hubby is working 2nd shift and does not get home until the wee-hours of the night- aka before I get up for the start of my day. So, that means, essentially, I am cooking for me, myself and I! So, something that I make that would be for Monday, ends up being for Tuesday, Wednesday and yes, in some cases, Thursday too! 

I have a 2 and 4 yo and we are on the TODDLER diet. This maens, hto dogs, nuggets, fish sticks, and burgers are regulars on the table. YUCK!  I have tried EVERYTHIGN to get them to eat what we eat. Last night was a perfect example- I made  a pot roast Sunday evening (dont ask) - and they usually like it- last night it was a NO GO! I even made mashed potatoes, in which my potato freak 2 yo turned her nose up at them- boo!

But, I have been serious about planning out our week and sticking somewhat to it. I made Copy Kat Carabbas Mama Mandola's soup on Saturday, and although it was not spot on, it was DAMN good! Sunday was reheated Soup, but late night Roast - which we reheated Monday.  I am working on a chicken breast in an Olive Oil marinade with Italian Seasoning, Parsley, Basil, Onion Powder and Chives. Before plating, I am putting a tomato on top with Mozerella cheese.  YUM, and can not wait!

I am bringing this up only because - the picture below is what I want to achieve to be:

What a great idea! Bins for ingredients for each night's dinner! This would be great when kids are big enough to help with meal prep(in my dreams), or to keep people from snacking on "ingredients".
This is AH-MAZING!

Maybe one day!!!

Pinterest Corner for Monday, 12/16/2013

I am gearing up for Christmas. Its a little late for homemade gift ideas, but I am totally loving this:

Christmas Card Display. Now I just have to think of a way to keep little fingers from grabbing all of these ornaments.
Something totally functional and since this year, I have no place to put my Christmas Cards due to the fact that all my really cool Christmas stuff is not making an appearance this year, this would be PERFECT!  (yes, I am thinking of whipping this thing together before the holidays!)

I am really liking this - something for the kids to do- basically, I went to the attic over the weekend and grabbed the Dreaded Playdoh- its back in action.  Problem is, we go through 2 tubs when we play- one for each kiddo.  When they are done- there is virtually NONE left!  I dont get it.  Where does it go? ONLY they KNOW!

Two Ingredient Snow Recipe - shaving cream and baking soda
2 ingredient snow- Try 2 boxes of corn starch and 1 can of shavin cream.
Check out blog:  Visit growingajeweledrose.com

Starting our garden in the spring- this will definately come in handy!

When to Plant
And just LOVE this- so sweet: Hello little snowman
Because, Im a PACKER:  
Packed lunch break down

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekend Update

Well our weekend went by fast! 

Friday night it was just me and Ms. 2yo. Ms. 4 yo stayed over with my Parents to help decorate the Xmas tree.  Ms. 2yo fell asleep by my side at 7:45 p.m. While watching Dora.  So it was a QUIET night!  I got all my wrapping done. I also found out I was severally uneven in my efforts and had to make some last minute online orders.  We also have a mouse problem so traps were going off all night. Eek!

Saturday was a white one!  We got LOTS of snow and it just wouldn't stop.  We had to go pick up Ms. 4 yo across town. We got stuck in the dang driveway and my anxiety was on overdrive!  The 4wd was not working in my SUVY.  what a way to start winter.   But we got her and made it home safe and sound. Hubby had to venture back out for work and I had to rally my rowdy troops.  I got them all to bed, after playdoh fun, before 9. Then something crazy happened.  I crashed!  I woke up around midnight thanks to mouse traps again. 

Today was the best day yet. We got up, had breakfast  and stayed reasonably quiet until 2pm. Hubby got up, watched the Bears And We Headed Out into winter wonderland.  Errands.  Got back before 6 and went out to play in the snow. Well Kait hated it and was ready to come in before 7!  She said she was freezing !  Kam stayed out till 730. Hot cocoa warmed their bellies and to bed they went.
Another great but fast weekend!!

Another product Review: Yoplait Peppermint Bark Yogurt

Definitely try Yoplait Peppermint Bark. It's interesting and nice and a little through of peppermint. Let me know your thoughts!

Friday, December 13, 2013


Well, I can't really explain why I decided to pick up Eggnog on my last Grocery Outing, or why I picked up a different label and saw this one and silently put the other back! That being said, thank god!
This stuff is ah-mazing.  It's smooth, a little sweet, but not to much.  It's yummy in my tummy and also has a recipe for the addition of booze (frown, wish I drank, ok, I'm good.  Delicious even without booze.)
Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Great interview

So, my interview went great. I had the panel laughing and very upbeat. I impressed and was absolutely genuine and 100% me. 
Keeping my fingers crossed. Because this could be a great opportunity.
I had to point out that out of their 11 questions, I was really looking for the question about strengthens and weaknesses , but it never came up.  Interviewing is weird but necessary. Just out of practice so I rolled with the be yourself card. Positive thoughts from here!!!

This game of Life, Game Changer!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Happily Ever After... a figment of the imagination?

Happily Ever After Sign. 
When you're little, you dream about your future, the way your life is going to happen.  The reality is that people come, people go, only leaving an imprint on your life, a shadow of the place they once stood. Time goes by so fast, we are all just going through the motions that life guides us through, until one day, we are able to finally reflect on those events and come to the realization that while life is good today, tomorrow we might endure yet another struggle, another hurdle to overcome.  We just do it, going through the motions of life, hoping for an easier ride, praying for peace of mind and for a better day tomorrow. 

I doubt the Cinderella deals with the Prince and his differing ways of raising children, or the argument that occurs when your washer and dryer are uprooted to your kitchen for a week and you have laundry coming out of your ears and he just doesn't understand. 

I have been with my Hubby for over twelve years now and while we still have more good days than bad, it is always a journey.  I can't say that I honestly expected my life to be the way it is, and I in no way, shape or form mean that in a negative way. I can remember looking at the future and imaging a life of me taking care of the kids, acting goofy, eating dinner as a family with silly faces and lots of giggles, busting out Cosby style in a reenactment of RESPECT and just laughing more than anything else. 
This is NOT my reality!  Hubby expects kids to eat at the table, no talking, no laughing, no milk bubbles.  He doesn't understand girls are sensitive, even when my 4 YO says she cant stop crying he still wants to scream and yell at her to STOP.  I am a protector.  The root of alot of our problems.  We are not on the same team.  He doesn't think I discipline and i spoil rather than teach.  I think that he is grumpy and treats them like they are a burden, instead of a joyful blessing.  I have my moments, I never ignore that, but I do have patience and when I am at my breaking point it is due to the fact that I am with them 17 hours a day.  I honestly can't remember the last time Hubby was with them for even 8 hours a day.  I have told him, crying, that I don't want them to remember their childhood being afraid of him or Dad always yelling.  It scared the shit out of me.  I also don't want them to remember em like that either and when i get to that point I verbalize the fact that i am getting very upset and I am not joking. 
Funny how we waited so long to have kids and when we do, it is an uphill struggle.  But, as I said above, I just hold true to the belief that tomorrow will be better.  

Our relationship is good otherwise.  We are adjusting to not seeing each other, but it is what it is at this time in our lives.  We both HAVE to work right now. I pray that my day is coming where I can be at home with my girls.  I feel like i am missing so much of Kamee's Pre-K years, not being able to take her or pick her up, meet her teachers or participate in school parent volunteer activities.  I try to be realistic though and realize that staying at home might not be in my cards.   

Hubby and I are the best of friends, just wish we could be a parent team.  Maybe someday, like when they are over 18- LOL! 

Right now, I am thankful for my Hubby.  He has given us this house, his blood, sweat and tears.  I love this house, I love my family being in this house and although I am still praying to God for patience on its completion, I am thankful for the construction and creativity that this house has given us, even though the roads have been less than easy. (luckily it hasn't been with hubby, we remained a team through it all!)

Tonight, I am feeling very lonely, more so than usual.  I am burnt out with my girls and a little pissed off at Hubby, because, to be frank, he just doesn't get it.  
Yesterday I asked if I could run to the grocery store (Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards are bare! And our darn Milk Curdled- GROSS!)  and you would have thought I asked him for a million dollars.  I got a song and dance act about how much he has to do and how dare I ask him that.  I just wanted some peace and quiet.  I walked away, he tried to confront, I told him to leave it be, I wasn't arguing with him, he told me I don't talk to him about anything and to find someone else to talk to... I kept my mouth shut!  This is so hard for me, but I am getting SO good at getting 'picking my battles!'

I thought about it last night, crying in the shower (don't know what the deal is with crying in the shower, but seems to be my MO!) - I chose this life,  I chose to be a Mom, and while I love it and could NOT imaging my life without my girls, Home girl needs to break sometimes, right? 

But, I sacrifice, take one for the team, again and sucked it up, only to run to the store today.  I not only worked (I leave for work so early in the morning) I picked up my girls and headed to the chaotic world of grocery!  I tried to keep everyone cool, calm and focused.  I had a whooper of a list too!  Got it done, loaded my car in 29* weather- freezing, with lovely, cold wind. Then, home I am, to unload it all, while two children sit on the couch screaming for a snack!  Then it was putting it all away and since it was too late by then, bundled up the girls and ran to McDonald's for a quick dinner. the best part was pulling into the driveway as "All I want for Christmas" came over the radio- in which my two ladies and I sang at the top or our lungs.  Its true, all I want for Christmas is you, baby!  (that goes to my girls and of course, my hubby!- at the end of the day I still could not imaging myself with ANYONE else)  My life is so interesting, isn't it!

I'm living a dream here.   Its not a bad life by any means, it is just like any other life, its chaotic, its ridiculous at times, trying, happy, sad, crazy and full of drama. I guess this is my Happily Ever After, after all.  I just need to help it along a little.    

Home Business Opportunity!

Legitimate business opportunity.  Learn how to make money from home.

Home Business Opportunity!

Temporarily Unavailable..

Well, I have been M I A a lot this week.  Call it a funk, if you will.  I have been busy with preparations for Christmas, kids, life and overall just a FUNK.  I was getting over the...Plague.. seems to fit right!  I have been racking my brain on what to buy for whom and all that fun stuff and asking Hubby if I can run to the store, sans kids, only to get a song and dance act..from him!

Oh and my Mom-Van was down, needing some TLC.  Thank GOD my Hubby is a Mechanic- but his time is sparse as is and trying to fit in my "Hoe" was based on HIS TIME- oh frickin JOY!

Good news is that I got a Girls day on Saturday.  We took off to Auburn Hills with my 4 YO and had a wonderful day!  Of all people to run into, an hour and a half away from home, I run into my Boss.  CRAZY, right!

My 2 YO got left behind with her Papa while Hubby worked on our laundry room and my truck in the COLD.  It has arrived, snow and cold temperatures, and all that!  But, we arrived home around eight, got my little ladies to bed and fell asleep on the couch, on hubby!  Hells Bells- you would think that I would want to spend some time with Hubby, who I only get one night with a week, but inside my own personal funk all I want to do is sleep.

I also have been staying away from my Blog world because I have recently been thinking about reformatting.  I want to be an author and Life at Gray Gables is supposed to be about me as a whole. I started this blog to share a part of the real me, unfiltered and also to document our life for my children. A part of that real me I am trying to be, lies a girl who writes, a lot!

But, with that being said, I feel like I am being uplifted and trying to come back to my blog real world!

So here is to dedication and keeping it REAL! Kelley style at least!

Does this mean RA is calling out to the Harem Ladies? Cause I am totally ready to answer.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Its ALL about An American Girl.. named Ruthie?

Oh, the time has come for our family to be introduced to Ruthie, an American Girl Doll and Kit's BFF.  Hubby is not thrilled, but Mom is Super Excited!  Ms 4 YO picked Ruthie in her catalog and it was a HUGE decision for me to try to incorporate this gift in our Christmas.  The plus is that we started a tradition with our kids in which they get a few gifts from Mom and Dad.  Well, 4 YO is getting AG and 2 YO is getting a Barbie Jeep Power Wheels car (only because 4 YO has a power wheel 4 wheeler and a power wheel dune car thing and 2 YO cant reach the pedals on either). 

I fully intended to get the doll- but, due to it being Cyber Monday, I ended up getting the doll, some clothes, a braid headband and a bed for this dang blasted doll.

So, I went through this process of debating whether to get the girl at Christmas or for 4 YO's bday, which is in February.  My idea was to take her to AG for her 5th birthday.  The store in Ohio is about a hour and a half away and they have an Afternoon Tea that she would die at a chance to attend!

After some talks with the elders of the family, it was a go.  One of my cousins recommended I call soon because they book up FAST!  So, today was the day.  I sat at my desk in my blue cube, taking notes from the website to make my BIG call!

The line rang and a voice comes over, super nice, walking me through the process.  I was interested in learning more about the Birthday Package vs. the Tea.  Well, the Tea was right for my 4 yo- BUT, of course, it is only available for 4!!  Well, there is 4 YO, 2 YO, Me, Mom and Grandma- um, that's 5 YO!

So, I booked it for her BIG day- but has some talking to do with the elders.

We were interested in the Birthday Party but that would mean the Men would have to come.  I talked it over with Hubby and was not so nicely greeted with a HELL NO, I am not going to a doll store to have an expensive party for a girl and her doll.  Way to take on for the team Daddy-o.

Oh, well.  We are going to try to find another way! I think that this is going to be the best, most memorable 5th Birthday that I can give her.

I just can't wait to get the dang doll!  She should be here any day.  Ruthie is super cute with her long brown hair and gray eyes, much like my Ms. 4 YO.

I am SO Excited!

American Girl Ruthie - American Girl

Christmas pictures on display 2013

These are just the ones I put on my desk. More to come later!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The great DEBATE- Pepsi -or- Coke?

Pepsi vs. Coke

I can't help but laugh at this, because this is SO me!  I HAVE to have Pepsi.  Coke just is NOT Pepsi- hands down.  I grew up drinking Pepsi- I don't really know if my Parents made the conscience decision based on taste or branding- but it was always the BLUE can in my house growing up.

Hubby grew up on Coke.  To this day, my FIL will ONLY drink COKE!  This is crazy because during the 12 years that Hubby and I have been together, he drinks PEPSI.  YES - the proof is in the pudding- people!

To me, its TASTE.  I think the Coke tastes Flat.  I like my bubbles!!  I am what I like to call a "Hard Core" Pepsi -aholic.  I don't drink alcohol.  Actually, true story here... I turned 21 - and I came, I saw, I tried, I picked an ice cold Pepsi to a Cranberry Vodka- and yes, this is me being absolutely SERIOUS!

I drank Pepsi all through my 1st Pregnancy- OMG- call the Pop Preggo Police on my butt!  She came out perfectly healthy people.  I actually cut back when I found out I was pregnant with #2- and by the end of my pregnancy I had cut it out completely.  Again, another healthy girl.  

I actually only drank 1 can there after I had #2- slowly switching out of Pepsi to Diet Mountain Dew- um, MISTAKE!  I had ZERO cavities and when I went to the Dentist this year (after a year of Dt Dew) I have 12- WTF!  Now, after hundreds of unnecessary dollars (Thank you Diet Dew) I am back on my Pepsi kick.  I will take the 150 calories - never had cavities before this crap and yes I am an OCD person who HAS to brush, gargle twice a day. 

So, that being said, I crave my Pepsi.  I love my Pepsi.  I wish I didn't drink Pop at all- but I do and for me it HAS TO BE A PEPSI!!!

Kind of curious how Coke and Pepsi weight in to others.. .One of those questions that I don't NEED to know but am just curious.

Pepsi RULES!

Coke vs. Pepsi: The Story Behind the Never-ending 'Cola Wars'

Gearing up for Kindergarten...my Baby will be 5 in February- EEK!


As the realization starts to hit me that my Big Girl will be 5 in TWO SHORT MONTHS- I have to re access where we are at in her learning in order for her to be prepared for her school days.

She is currently in Pre-K and frankly, she is bored out of her mind.  She is only attending two days a week and basically we are paying for socialization at this point.  It is good for her to have "friends" but has left me feeling pretty guilty for NOT testing her for Kindergarten this school year.

She is smart as a whip- although I am kind of bias because she is my kiddo!  She pays attention (OK, sometimes) and comprehends.  This past year we lost our two pets, a few months apart, and its so hard to explain and understand being an adult.  This kid is asking me all sorts of questions about heaven and death and what happens to our body when we die and our souls- what 4 year old knows about a soul?

Since she has been born, we have joked that she has been 'here' before.  Most days I truly believe this!

So, gearing up for Kindergarten time - here is the list (and a SPECIAL Thank You to www.ICanTeachMyChild.com who I am sharing this from!)

Personal and Social Development

Approach to learning
  • Shows eagerness and curiosity as a learner
  • Persists in task and seeks help when encountering a problem
  • Is generally pleasant and cooperative
  • Follows rules and routines
  • Manages transitions (going from one activity to the next)
  • Demonstrates normal activity level

Interactions with Others
  • Interacts easily with one or more children
  • Interacts easily with familiar adults
  • Participates in group activities
  • Plays well with others
  • Takes turns and shares
  • Cleans up after play
Conflict Resolution
  • Seeks adult help when needed to resolve conflicts
  • Uses words to resolve conflicts
Language and Literacy
  • Listens with understanding to directions and conversations
  • Follows one-step directions
  • Follows two-step directions
  • Speaks clearly enough to be understood without contextual clues
  • Relates experiences with some understanding of sequences of events
Literature and Reading
  • Listens with interest to stories read aloud
  • Shows interest in reading-related activities
  • Retells information from a story
  • Sequences three pictures to tell a logical story
  • Uses pictures to communicate ideas
  • Uses scribbles, shapes, and letter-like symbols to write words or ideas
Alphabet Knowledge
  • Recites/sings alphabet
  • Matches upper-case letters
  • Matches lower-case letters
  • Identifies upper-case letters
  • Identifies lower-case letters
Mathematical Thinking
Patterns and Relationships
  • Sorts by color, shape, and size
  • Orders or separates several objects on the basis of one attribute
  • Recognizes simple patterns and duplicates them

Number concept and operations

  • Counts to 20
  • Counts objects with meaning to 10
  • Matches numerals
  • Identifies by naming, numerals 0-10

Geometry and spatial relations

  • Identifies 4 shapes- circle, square, rectangle, triangle
  • Demonstrates concepts of positional/directional concepts (up/down, over/under, in/out, behind/in front of, beside/between, top/bottom, inside/outside, above/below, high/low, right/left, off/on, first/last, far/near, go/stop).


  • Shows understanding of and uses comparative words (big/little, large/small, short/long, tall/short, slow/fast, few/many, empty/full, less/more.
Physical Development
Gross-Motor Skills
  • Pedals and steers a tricycle
  • Jumps in place, landing on two feet
  • Jumps consecutively- 7 jumps
  • Balances on one foot for 5 seconds
  • Hops on one foot 2-3 hops
  • Hops on one foot- 6 ft.
  • Throws a ball with direction- 5 ft.
  • Catches a thrown ball with arms and body
  • Climbs a playground ladder
  • Skips smoothly for 20 feet

Fine-Motor Skills
  • Stacks 10, one-inch blocks
  • Strings 4 1/2″ beads in two minutes
  • Completes a seven piece interlocking puzzle
  • Makes a pancake, snake, and ball from play dough
  • Grasps pencil correctly
  • Copies:  vertical line, horizontal line, circle, cross, square, V, triangle
  • Copies first name
  • Prints first name without a model
  • Grasps scissors correctly
  • Cuts within 1/4″ of a 6″ straight line on construction paper
  • Cuts out a 3″ square on construction paper
  • Cuts out a 3″ triangle on construction paper
  • Cuts out a 3″ circle on construction paper
  • Uses a glue stick appropriately
  • Uses appropriate amount of glue for tasks

The Arts
Creative Arts
  • Identifies 10 colors:  red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black, white, brown, pink
  • Uses a variety of art materials for tactile experience and exploration

  • Participates in group music experiences
  • Participates in creative movement/dance
Creative Dramatics
  • Makes believe with objects
  • Takes on pretend roles and situations

The good news is, as of this day- we are right on target!  Go Girl!

Now my nerves for the big day and all my anxiousness because working full time I am going to miss it!  It already sucks that i am missing SO much of Pre-K.  Hopefully these little ladies know that everything we do is for them!

Bring on Kindergarten, she is READY!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Walking dead, I have to wait till..when.

Such a good episode. I'm still riding high from it. I hate that now I have to wait till February. Ugh. It's so far away.  Let the countdown begin. ..

RIP Paul Walker

I am still so sad about the death of Paul Walker. As a HUGE fast & furious fan, I will never forget you Brian. It's so sad and seeing these videos of the car engulfed is heartbreaking and so very tragic.
My heart goes out to his family, especially his wife and daughter.  

May we never forget you as a person or your talents. RIP

Christmas spirit Gray Gables style ~2013♡

Well, I have been MIA for the weekend. Had a great Turkey day.  Went to the lights before Christmas on Friday with the Family, had dinner and shopping on Saturday, and decorating today!!
I have 1 more kiddo gift to get and I'm done!!
We are going to decorate our outside pine with the boom lift and decorating is done! 
Life is good and I'm super happy with how pretty the house turned out, even while still under construction.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving- Gobble, Gobble

Well, wrapping up my Turkey Day festivities.  We have been busy!  Nice to have a day few days off, back to work tomorrow.  Ridiculous, if you ask me!  But, I will take one for the team.  My belly is fully, my beauties are sleeping and my day is official coming to a close.

I hope that all is well with everyone else in the world as we all have so much to be thankful for.

I did not part-take in the thankful days this year, but I still would like to take a moment and say that I am truly thankful for my family.  I am thankful for the year that we have had, even though it has produced more downs than ups, and for finally getting into our house.

I am thankful to still be among the living and to have such wonderful little girls and a loving husband.  I am thankful for all that we have in this life and all that we are allowed to make of it.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

~until tomorrow...

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Gray Gables Nightmare!! ~ Day 2- No Heat...

Today is Day #2 without a Furnace.  Needless to say, last night was COLD!  We had 2 heaters running on the 2nd floor and 1 running on the 1st and it was NOT making a dent.
Hubby works 2nd shift and when he got off in the morning, he came home, said he left and went to Walmart to pick up 2 more heaters.  He put those in the girls rooms- which were frigid. 

The good news is that we are expected to get propane tomorrow- THANK GOD!  We could have had to wait 10 days - so 3 days is good.  Today was cold in the house, but we have a warmer 2nd floor and are running 4 heaters up there so its actually toasty!

Can not wait until tomorrow- heat again!

Bet this will NEVER happen again- what do you say?

Vaccines- My point of view

I saw this alot, but to each their own.  I would like to start by saying that my views are my own.  I respect everyone's views, but I do not appreciate it when someone wants to preach their views and not respect anyone Else's.  That being said, I might get a little controversial here, but again, this is my view.  I am going to say the things others might not, and I will try to see everything from both perspectives.  Whether I am able to accomplish this, that is in the eyes of the reader.

So, I was at work the other day and I was at work talking to a fellow employee and friend.  She was saying something about the flu shot and it came up in conversation that a friend of hers does not believe in vaccines, period.  I know that there are a lot of people out there that believe that the vaccines cause autism.  I respect those opinions, although, as a mother, I too have read the reports and the reports and the reports, the latest stating that there is no link.  She went on to say that she had to stop her friend from preaching her no-vaccine views on her cousins wife, who is pregnant and just received the flu shot.  She said that the face her friend made at the news was of utter disgust.  This got me to think about it, from the perspective of a Mom who does not believe in vaccines.  This is very difficult for me, because I do believe in them.  I feel like as a child I was vaccinated.  I think that through modern medicine the doses that my kids are getting are probably better than that of which I was given.  The thing about it is, if my kids were not vaccinated, I feel like it would create a harder road for my kids.  I know that this was our first year of Pre-K and the vaccine chart was required, including 4 yo vaccines. Would they not take my kid if she were not vaccinated?  I know that next year, Kindergarten, requires vaccines.  Also, did you know that kids do not get Chicken Pox anymore? They are given a vaccine at 4 that prevents it.  That is crazy!  But, then when I asked the doctor, her reply was that the chance of kids getting them are 99.9%.  I, of course, ask what would the circumstances be that they could, in which her reply was a kid who is not vaccinated that gets them and spreads them.  Isn't that interesting?  I don't think I would want to be "THAT" parent!

I know there is a lot - A LOT - of controversy with the Flu Shot.  Now, this I can relate to.  I did NOT get my flu shot this year.  I have gotten my flu shot every year for 5 maybe even 6 years.  I got it religiously.  Last year, I got sick, then I got sick again, then I got so sick I thought I was going to die!  I vowed not to get it this year.  Hubby did not get it and guess what, he didn't even get sick. WHAT?  Now, that being said, I did get it for my kiddos.  They were swabbed this year and the only reason I did was because Miss 4 yo is sick all the time since starting PreK. Well, guess what, I am sick now- because of HER! And Hubby is too.  And the rest the family- Thanks Miss 4yo!

I just feel like when it comes to school and life, I am trying to protect my kids from Polio - could you image your child getting this debilitating disease? - Whooping cough- Measles, Mumps or Rubella?

I am a Mom.  I respect those Moms who are not vaccinating their kids, but I am a Mom who will.  I also will NOT preach to you what the right thing to do is, I honestly don't know what the RIGHT thing to do is, I just know what the right thing for my family is.  I have two healthy kids and can only base my opinion on that fact.  To each their own, these are just my thoughts.

I would like to close with the fact that research needs to be done to make the right decisions.  Just because the doctor says it needs to be done, ask questions, be prepared, ask about side effects, what you can do to ease the pain, what the vaccine does, etc.  I have a very new school pediatrics office and they work with me to educate me on what is happening at the next appointment, giving me fact sheets so I can do the research and the sheets even have a spot for questions.  The sheets are great because the vaccine names are on the sheet for further research.  They are also open to phone calls to answer questions, which eases my mind because I have had questions.  With my first, I had questions from the first stick in the hospital, in which they had to bring my OB in because the nurses were unable to answer my questions, instead they just wanted to put that first stick in the age old bucket of that is procedure. Well, it needed to be explained to this new Mama.

~To Each Their Own~


Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby, its COLD outside...especially when you run out of Propane- UGH!

We really SUCK at this!  This is our first time not having natural gas and we are really dropping the ball!  Today, while I am at work, with my toasty heater blasting under my desk keeping me super comfy, Hubby calls to tell me he had BAD news... I love when I get these calls- to many to count since we got this house.

Then, he says, WE RAN OUT OF PROPANE and they can't come fill it for 1-10 days- SAY WHAT?  I am like, seriously.  OK, so the dry erase board with all the TO DO stuff has read, CHECK PROPANE for over two weeks now.. Ugh.  Then the dreaded, "I don't know what to do?"  I love this statement!  Again, heard it to many times. 

Propane is at least ordered up.  The problem is Hubby thinks we ran it all the way down, which means we incurred more fees because we now have to have everything tested for leaks- my favorite statement lately is OH JOY!

He informs me that he is going to check some ads and pick up some heaters- gee George, I would hope so- right!

I go about my day in my toasty little world, and DAMN is it cold outside!

So finally end my day, get home to my chilly palace!  We have a heater running and it is still SO cold.  I go into the kitchen and want my coat. This SUCKS! 

Our second floor WAS a little warmer- we have 2 heaters running to keep the girls warmer and I put them in the fleece pj's and lots of extra blankies.  I am not having fun here.  I am freezing with a heater in our room and a dual heat electric blanket and I am still freezing.  I had to keep 1 heater downstairs to heat the dog!

I hope this is a mistake that WONT EVER BE REPEATED!  If nothing else, because ITS COLD OUTSIDE and I don't have a cuddle buddy...

Here's hoping they deliver propane tomorrow.  I guess its going to require more prayers, I am going to owe God big time!

Campbell's Soup Can Propane Tank

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