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Are you ready to Shop Smarter?

Are you concerned about your Health?Are you interested in helping your Environment?Want a pathway to Financial Freedom?Are you worried about your Quality of Life?
If you want to partner with a Company that truly cares about you, your family, your goals and your financial dreams, I can help!
I have found something that literally fell into my lap at a time when I was down and out. I recently had gone from a full time salaried position with a remote company to the harsh reality of getting bumped to part time, twenty hours a week.  Imagine the shock that I felt, the impact that has left on my family of four.  I started cutting costs, finding memberships to big box stores to help buy in bulk on products we use a lot to have on hand as our money situation started to dwindle.  That is when I found a Company that is unique and different by design. It has products that have improved my home, helped my children, lessen the financial burden on my spouse and allowed me to show people a product tha…

8 Things your Tax Preparer WANTS you to know...

It's tax season and hopefully everyone is getting there paperwork in order and setting up your tax duties of filing. 

We work with a CPA, and this year I was enlightened to learn some new things from my Tax Professional, and get is stuff THEY WANT US TO KNOW!!

Happy 30th Birthday--to my Little Brother... (personal) March 12, 2015

So, it's your 'Party and you'll cry if you want to'...and that's OK.  Cause, 'they say it's your birthday' so it's time to 'twist and shout'. 
Thirty! Look how far you have come! I am proud to be your Big Sister and proud of everything in your life that you have learned and accomplished.  
Your future is bright, just don't lose sight.  Things happen that will get you down, make your day and just be dull or boring. 

You're on the right track. You have been able to travel, to live, to be free and to find happiness and love. 

Don't lose sight of the little things that make life enjoyable.  Those things that often get overlooked are the ones that mean the most. 

We are so happy to have you "home" for this BIG Birthday!  I know that your heartwill always be elsewhere, but it is still important to always know where this home is. 

I want to wish you a GIGANTIC, BIG Happy THIRTIETH Birthday!  I hope that this year brings you peace, h…

Why I hate checking my e-mail...

We all LOVE a great deal!  

I hate searching through my numerous e-mails a day trying to find that know...that one that I was looking for to save me a few extra bucks while I am either running out the door to the store or ready tocheckout online.  

I think that by taking all the savings, all the coupons, all the discounts and putting them in ONE SIMPLE place just makes sense!  

It will help me, I hope it might help someone else too!

Let's start SHOPPING!  (Click on the Store name to follow the link to start shopping)