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Walk like an Egyptian....

If you are anything like me, you are obsessed with Egypt...History...and King Tut. So, when I saw the three (3) night mini series, creatively called "Tut", you know my DVR was all set and ready to RECORD! 

Of course, I was over-excited to watch, but waited to have a cram session (my personal way). So there I was this past weekend, locked into a six (6) hour movie seat (on my couch) watching, with anticipation, the cute Avan Jogia, as he played the one, the only, infamous King Tutakhamen. 

Let's break down some history, as I have learned throughout my education and let's be real, a lot on my own because I think it is taught on a condensed schedule! 

We all know King Tut (Tutankhamen or Tutankhamun) was the youngest Pharaoh to rule Egypt at the tender age of 9, serving for 10 years, or until his early demise at the age of 19, around 1324 B.C

Everyone with me so far? 

OK, we also know that he was notable for reversing the religious reforms that his father had established. …


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I've had ENOUGH!

I usually do notdo controversial post.  I stay far, far away from HOT topics at all costs. 

But you know what?  

Today.  Yes, Today, I have had it "up to here"!

I have family members fighting. I have friends fighting.  It is crazy!  It seems like no matter where we turn...someone is offended by something. 

Yes, you all know what I am talking about, so don't sit there and act like you don't!

One person thinks the Minion movie has curse words in it, the other thinks that algea blooms are going to kill us all. (I can neither confirm, nor deny this statement)  Others are complaining about that know the one..that made a silly mistake or posted something that they meant to be funny, but we think it was inappropriate and will ruin their kids forever.  

I mean, do I have to continue... really...

I know you have all seen these rants...and more, which shall remain nameless. They are sometimes on blog posts, social media accounts....  Sometimes they will say "An Ope…

Life at Gray Gables: How to Raise Chickens Cheaply

Life at Gray Gables: How to Raise Chickens Cheaply: Our farm is getting ready to blossom, as we work on our research for chickens.  My first question is, how much is this going to cost... righ...

There is always a road left behind.... 7/13/2015 [a personal post]

Ugh.  Another another week.

Monday is coming to a close and all I can say is..boy was today a horrible, terrible, rotten, NO GOOD day..until I got my kiddo's (well, and the Hubby sent me a text!)

This is so difficult for me.  I feel like God has a plan for me, for my life and I am trying to figure out how to make it happen. Is that weird?

I am so confused, so torn about what I need to do...while trying to have patience, trying to let whatever is supposed to happen, well...happen!  Does that even make sense?

Well, the curve ball that I have been thrown is seriously turning in my direction, about to plow right into me.

Am I having a hard time?  Um, YES.  Am I miserable?  Um, YES.  I am a mess!

But on the BRIGHT SIDE: on Saturday, I took my kiddo's to get crafts and I worked no a wreath for my front door and I am in LOVE with how it turned out.  I seriously was HAPPY, I was so myself again making that wreath and I felt wonderfully, exhilarated and full of JOY. Kind…

July 11th 2015 [Personal Post]

Image's hard to find yourself!

I woke up this two (2) beautiful, smiling, happy little people. 

They were playing, quietly, carrying on to themselves, as I left the warmth of my bed.  Just seeing their faces made my day a little better, a little brighter just because, here I am, getting to spend my day with my two (2) best-est friends, two girls who are caring, compassionate and understanding, two (2) girls who are learning and understanding the world at totally different speeds, in completely different ways, I might add!

And I am the lucky one, I am the one who gets to call those two (2) little girls MY KIDS

The week has been a rough one.  I had to head out to Columbus on Wednesday for work, and to say it was not a LONG day would be a complete, blatant LIE