Monday, July 27, 2015

Walk like an Egyptian....

If you are anything like me, you are obsessed with Egypt...History...and King Tut. So, when I saw the three (3) night mini series, creatively called "Tut", you know my DVR was all set and ready to RECORD

Of course, I was over-excited to watch, but waited to have a cram session (my personal way). So there I was this past weekend, locked into a six (6) hour movie seat (on my couch) watching, with anticipation, the cute Avan Jogia, as he played the one, the only, infamous King Tutakhamen

Let's break down some history, as I have learned throughout my education and let's be real, a lot on my own because I think it is taught on a condensed schedule! 

We all know King Tut (Tutankhamen or Tutankhamun) was the youngest Pharaoh to rule Egypt at the tender age of 9, serving for 10 years, or until his early demise at the age of 19, around 1324 B.C

Everyone with me so far? 

OK, we also know that he was notable for reversing the religious reforms that his father had established. Tut's success was not truly appreciated though, until his successors felt the aftermath of such shifts of power.  The thing is, his legacy was wiped cleaned after his ruling/death and his remembrance was lost..until his tomb was found by Howard Carter in 1922. 

Tut's tomb was sealed before this finding, for more than 3,200 years.  All his artifacts that went to the after-world with Tut were still intact at this point in modern day. It is because of these artifacts that made King Tut the most Famous Pharaoh in the world. 

Taking it back...

King Tut was the grandson of the Great Pharaoh Amenhotep II, and the son of Akhenaten, who was one of the most controversial figures in the history of Egypt's New Kingdom in the 18th dynasty.  Akhenaten upheld the centuries-old religious system to favor worship of a single deity, the sun god Aten, and moved Egypt's religious capital from Thebes to Amarna. 

Early in Tut's reign, he was able to reverse Akhenaten's reforms, and revive worship of the God Amun

He also restored Thebes as the Religious center.  

He worked with his powerful advisers to restore Egypt's stature in the region

Those advisers would also be future pharaohs. 

Who was King Tut?

King Tut was tall, but frail.  He had a crippling bone disease in his clubbed left foot. He is the only known pharaoh to be seated while involved in physically activities.  

(Inbreeding is what likely contributed to this poor health and ultimately early death) 

King Tut was married to his half sister, Ankhesenamun.  The did not have any children, as the two daughters that they had been given were both born stillborn

An infection in a broken leg, is what was thought to have caused his early death, but DNA tests have found that Malaria might have been the cause as well. 

It is also important to note that his tomb's small size might indicate an unexpected death and rush for his burial by Ay, who succeeded him as pharaoh.  None the less, his tomb was packed to the ceiling with gold artifacts.

The Pharaoh's who followed Tut chose to ignore his reign, tainting his connection based on his father's religious upheavals.  It is thought that within a few generations, Tut's tomb entrance was blocked by stone and forgotten

Back to the SHOW!

Please note, you can watch on until August 23, 2015
The TV movie (mini-series) on Spike has a little bit of everything, even a Game of Thrones, Vikings flair with battle scenes, sex, and watching the Pharaoh ascend towards greatness

The first night, POWER, we watch a young King Tut, at the age of nine, being forced to make powerful decisions and ultimately being deemed "weak" for not killing a betrayers son in front of his father. 


Controlled for nearly 10 years by the powerful Vizier Ay and the formidable General Horemheb, Tutankhamun is determined to wrest control of his kingdom.

Sibylla Deen and Avan JogiaTut (Avan jogia) grows up and into his shoes of a powerful leader, under the watchful eyes of both his Grand Vizier Ay (Sir Ben Kingsley) and General Horemheb (Thrones' Nonso Anozie), both who are savoring their own dark agendas to seek power of Egypt. We watch as Tut's friend and confident, Ka (Once upon a Time in a Wonderland's Peter Gadiot)lust for Tut's sister wife, Ankhe (Tyrant's Sibylla Ankhe). 

Tut is out of touch with reality.  He has no idea what is happening outside of the palace walls, and only begins to understand the greater meaning of power after his friend Ka brings such to the surface. 

Tut goes out into the kingdom and finds himself in front of a village girl, Suhad, (Twisted co-star, Kylie Bunbury) where she introduces him to beer for the first time, much different from the wine he is used to experiencing as royalty. But, Tut, unbeknowst to the army who patrols outside the palace, finds himself the subject of trouble. 

We go through installment two, BETRAYAL, where we watch the General betray the King, leaving him for dead after battle. Then, we watch Ankhe betray the King, after thinking him dead, with Ka. 


While the Mitanni continue their plot to conquer Egypt, Tut must contend with an illness spreading throughout the kingdom and a betrayal from his most trusted inner circle.

This is where the romance really begins between Suhad and Tut, as she heals him after being left for dead.  He learns that she is half Mitanni. (whom are trying to take over Thebes) 

We continue to flow into the third and final installment, DESTINY, where we see Tut return to Thebes, only to walk in on his friend, Ka, being crowned King in a ceremony where he is marrying Tut's wife.  This is the ultimate betrayal and we watch Tut kill his betrayer. It is now known that Ka also accompanied the General is finding a hurt, but alive Tut after battle and leaving him for dead. 


Tut sets out to achieve final victory against the Mitanni, and must destroy the last of his enemies within the Palace to secure his place in history.

The General is also imprisoned.  He is used as an accessory for battle, but the betrayal is thick and is known. 

Ankhe is pregnant with Ka's child, but must deceive King Tut into thinking that it is his, as to not seal her doomed fate. 

There are so many moving pieces at this point of the series.  There is a religious over-throwing that is happening, a battle with the Mitanni, who are trying to invade and take over Thebes and a budding romance with Suhad and King Tut, who finds herself at the hands of Ankhe, and in ultimate danger.  

Destiny is what is found after the battle ensures, Tut finding trust within Lagus, who caused him to fight for reality in the first installment. 

We all know the ultimate ending, but this trilogy did an impressive job creating a story, documented history and tying all the pieces together for an outstanding performance. 


This was done right.  

Spike TV went all out, and we all got our money's worth in the viewing, from the sets, locations, and costumes, which were tasteful, amazing and engaging.

I give this mini-series two thumbs up and RECOMMEND everyone to watch, check it out. Yes, I know it is 6 hours total, but totally WORTH it

Hubby even enjoyed it, with all the sex and battles! ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


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Thursday, July 16, 2015

I've had ENOUGH!

I usually do not do controversial post.  I stay far, far away from HOT topics at all costs. 

But you know what?  

Today.  Yes, Today, I have had it "up to here"!

I have family members fighting. I have friends fighting.  It is crazy!  It seems like no matter where we turn...someone is offended by something

Yes, you all know what I am talking about, so don't sit there and act like you don't!

One person thinks the Minion movie has curse words in it, the other thinks that algea blooms are going to kill us all. (I can neither confirm, nor deny this statement)  Others are complaining about that know the one..that made a silly mistake or posted something that they meant to be funny, but we think it was inappropriate and will ruin their kids forever.  

I mean, do I have to continue... really...

I know you have all seen these rants...and more, which shall remain nameless. They are sometimes on blog posts, social media accounts....  Sometimes they will say "An Open Letter To (you fill in the blank!)."    Following this sweet dear diary opening, is a verbal assault focusing on belittling, bashing and name calling  (oh no she/he didn't!) when that person does not share the same opinion

I guess, the thing is...well, we are all individuals. We are so lucky to live in a country where there is freedom of speech, for both opinions in such case!  

Guess what I am seeing though... Adults (well...TBD) fighting on social media.  I see them turning words, spinning them to make them the victim (and yes, both sides are guilty), using name calling and foul language. It then escalates to derogatory racist or sexual comments directed at the person whom they do not agree with.  They bully.  They belittle.  They, well, like I said...are not acting like Adults!

It has gotten absolutely out of control.  I actually HATE my social media accounts these days because every-time I look at anything, there is a fight ensuing just under the surface. (not to mention the bad things that Nancy Grace likes to trickle in my new feed to just depress my entire day!)

I think it is time for me to put my foot down people...and tell you ALL to:

S T O P ! ! ! 

Seriously, it has gotten out of hand.  Yes, we are all entitled to our own opinions, but, since when is:

 YOUR opinion the ONLY opinion.  

You want to post things on your Social Media account, wait for a reaction, then go ape shit crazy (yea, it's totally a thing!)  on those who may or may not have valid points and want to shine a little light on your one sided opinion.  

No one is telling you to preach this other opinion, but perhaps it can (or can not) give you perspective into someone else's mind.   

And truth be told people, the Media...they are not speaking words of bond...THEY LIE ya'll!

I know some of you are heart broken right now by that realization, but it's OK.  

We are all entitled to think what we wish.  We all have freedom of speech, however, that freedom does NOT mean that we do not have freedom from the consequences of our said speech!

Whew... I know what you all are thinking...I am bringing the HEAT today!  

When YOU put something online, it is out there FOREVER! Let's repeat that... FOREVER!   It is there for EVERYONE to see.  You can't hide from it.  You can't deny it once your name is associated to it. Your words are your own, so preach them carefully on that good old Social Media Network that you choose as your outlet and try to NOT brainwash others into your ideals

Now I want to go to that ugly five (5) letter word that I wish did not exist.  In our children, YES, Life at Gray Gables just went through a whole year of this (in Kindergarten, people) of BULLY-ing.  It is NOT OK for our children to BULLY.  

So, why is it OK for parents to bully one another online?  

Would you say these things if you were having a conversation with this person because they did not agree with YOU?  

It is in these moments that a keyboard is turned into a WEAPON of sorts as the words you spew are coming from a hurtful/hateful place.  I don't think that this is OK at all people.

Now, to reiterate, I am NOT saying that you should agree with everyone. That is crazy talk!  I don't even agree with everyone.  

However, I think that when you choose to share your OPINION, act respectfully.  Understand that before you post that you will get negative feedback because, after all, this is YOUR opinion.  

If someone does not agree with  you, why do you feel the need to respond back to them? 

Let it go! 
(Thank you Anna and Elsa!)

Are these people's lives so sad that they have nothing better to do but troll and respond to those who feel different than they do?  I really just don't understand. 

I need to bring truth to you all also...I have seen adults have a civilized discussion.  
Shocking, right! 

I have seen a heated debate of two opposing political sides, they did not agree, but both listened to the other and instead of trying to convince the other side to... well, join them on their DARK SIDE, they shut up and listened.  

It's just an opinion people. And everyone is entitled to their own. 

My Motto:  To each their own!

At the end of the day, only YOU can control what you post online and how you take the response to said post. 

However, words to leave you with... 
"If  you can't say something nice...don't say anything at all!"

I think we all have forgotten this, which is a shame.

That's all.

Book is closed...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Life at Gray Gables: How to Raise Chickens Cheaply

Life at Gray Gables: How to Raise Chickens Cheaply: Our farm is getting ready to blossom, as we work on our research for chickens.  My first question is, how much is this going to cost... righ...

Monday, July 13, 2015

There is always a road left behind.... 7/13/2015 [a personal post]

Ugh.  Another another week.

Monday is coming to a close and all I can say is..boy was today a horrible, terrible, rotten, NO GOOD day..until I got my kiddo's (well, and the Hubby sent me a text!)

This is so difficult for me.  I feel like God has a plan for me, for my life and I am trying to figure out how to make it happen. Is that weird?

I am so confused, so torn about what I need to do...while trying to have patience, trying to let whatever is supposed to happen, well...happen!  Does that even make sense?

Well, the curve ball that I have been thrown is seriously turning in my direction, about to plow right into me.

Am I having a hard time?  Um, YES.  Am I miserable?  Um, YES.  I am a mess!

But on the BRIGHT SIDE: on Saturday, I took my kiddo's to get crafts and I worked no a wreath for my front door and I am in LOVE with how it turned out.  I seriously was HAPPY, I was so myself again making that wreath and I felt wonderfully, exhilarated and full of JOY. Kind of makes a girl start to think..right!

[pictures to another post! tee-hee]

Well, I am now torn between two brilliant (I might add!)  ideas....

1. Do I start making wreaths and join the Craft Show circuit?


2. Do I start taking in kids to watch (yes, I am in love with this idea! Making a schedule, having circle time, craft time!) and getting some for the school year, since the bus stop is right at the end of our drive?

Then comes the MOST DIFFICULT do I ask...Hubby?  I mean, I really, really want to quit my J- O- is making me physically ill.  Stress is a MOTHER!

I know...yes, I know that this conversation will NOT be going well.  I wish he could understand where I am coming from.  I don't want to be like everyone else. I don't want to figure it out, having my family NEVER see me, not being a part of my kids lives, or Hubby's.  I mean, seriously, I don't see my Hubby until the weekends. NO JOKE!  It is seriously making the weekends uncomfortable or awkward because we are not on the same page, we don't see each other and I just feel so...ALONE.

Being ALONE is a hard thing for me. I mean, I feel like I am a single MOM here, and it is HARD. I don't want this LIFE.  And the only one who can fix it, who can make me be a part of my kids lives, my hubby's ME fixing it.  But, I can't be a Stay-At-Home Mom (BOO!) - I have to still earn an income...

So, this is the path I have been on..the path that I have been trying to manage by myself.  I have been trying to find where my heart lies, where my happiness lies.  It has been a journey.  The mind is a powerful thing, one that I am learning to navigate, even at my OLD age!

I have tossed around the whole childcare thing to my Hubby before, and his response was that 'That's ridiculous' and that was hard to swallow, but I feel that maybe that is where I am supposed to be at this point in my life.

I started me educational journey in College, where I was dead set on being a teacher.  I was geared for third or fourth grade with a focus in English and Social Studies.  I put in four (4) years of hard work to come to a wall...a road block and literally stopped me in my tracks!

I ended my journey in year five (5) when I met with my guidance counselor and refocuesed on Business Administration and English, in order to graduate that year.  How is that for a kick in the gut?  It is one that keeps kicking me, twelve (12) years later! 

I just applied for an Alternative Teaching License review, in which I can use the credits I have earned (which I have a lot of!) and take a test in my licensure area and if I pass, I get to teach!  The problem is that the review is taking FOREVER!  I was thinking that I would have heard from the state by now, being that I applied over a month ago.  Yet, here I sit, trying desperately to be PATIENT.  I love kids, I can relate to them, be on their level and think that in a lot of ways, this is what I was destined to be, I just got side-tracked!

So, now it is GO time.  It is time for me to make a choice, two paths and it is time for me to run! Here's hoping that I can get the family on-board!

To our future...

To being a working stay-at-home Mom...

To being happy...

Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 11th 2015 [Personal Post]'s hard to find yourself!

I woke up this two (2) beautiful, smiling, happy little people. 

They were playing, quietly, carrying on to themselves, as I left the warmth of my bed.  Just seeing their faces made my day a little better, a little brighter just because, here I am, getting to spend my day with my two (2) best-est friends, two girls who are caring, compassionate and understanding, two (2) girls who are learning and understanding the world at totally different speeds, in completely different ways, I might add!

And I am the lucky one, I am the one who gets to call those two (2) little girls MY KIDS

The week has been a rough one.  I had to head out to Columbus on Wednesday for work, and to say it was not a LONG day would be a complete, blatant LIE

I am lucky to have great parents who help me SO much with these two little ladies, who took them for not only Wednesday evening but Tuesday before I left to help me get my stuff done and get some rest...of which I DID!

I survived.  That seems to be what I keep saying when co-workers ask me about my trip.  I drove down there, blind.  I made it.  I found the parking garage I had a key card for..and of course the key card did not work. (Am I, NO!)

I got parked, used my Google map on my find to find my destination and showed up on time (early even!)

I made it through the day, knowing one very BIG thing from this just aint for me.

I made my way home (in pouring, terrenchial rain!) and finally was able to take a breath.

Boy did I miss my kids that night.

The week has been a rough one.  Tears are shed every evening. Alone. By myself where I find myself on a regular basis.

I am working hard to "Find my Way" in this world and trying to keep myself out of the depths of dark despair, that I am finding myself being lured to as time keeps passing by.

But, today is Saturday.  It is a day of FAMILY and I got to spend mine with my two beauties. 

We had breakfast. 

We had Lunch. 

We had a Ninja Turtle hour! 

We went to Hobby Lobby (YESS!) and found some crafts to work on! 

We had Ice Cream. (Score!) and we colored today.

        All in all- it was a GREAT DAY (thanks Fresh Beat Band!)

Here's to hope for a repeat tomorrow.  And here's to hope that I find my way soon! I am a mess right now and need to find ME.


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