Friday, March 31, 2017

Turn down for W H A T ?

There comes a time in your life when things change...

There is a moment when time stands still. I know that at least one of you have felt it. As if the earth has shifted off of its axis, only, just in your world.  It sounds crazy to actually write it, to think it, to admit it- but it happens from time to time.  For me, it was just recently.  Things changed.  I don't know what or how and I don't really even know how to explain it fully, but I know it has happened, some major event that made me just a little bit older.

I, personally, think it is this intense back-pain that will not let up.  It haunts me morning to night and is so bothersome that I just want to lay down and never get up again...but I can't.  But, only I know that the back pain is just a cover for what is really going on. You all know where I am going, don't you?  To that six letter word that I despise! 

Ugh...I don't even want to mutter those words out loud, but I know that is what the root of all my problems, my shift  is stemming from. (like it or not)   What is the stress over?  Well, that is easy, life choices.

We live in a house, in the country.  I am not joking. I mean, sure, Walmart and Meijer's are about 2 miles down the road, but directly a crossed from our house is a corn field. We have neighbors, so we are not totally desolate, but from being a city girl to being a country girl has had both ups and downs!  Our newest hurdle, we are propane customers.  Remember that post from last year, right around Christmas time when we literally ran out of Propane and had to use heaters to heat our 3,000 square foot house.  It was freezing as we were in the heart of frigid temps and more snow that we had seen in a long time.  Yea, so needless to say- We suck at propane!  Knowing when to fill or how much we use, if we are running efficiently, (obviously that was NOT the case last winter!) and what temps to keep our house - we were clueless!  

So, about two months ago we had high hopes  when the Columbia Gas lady came and said that a petition to get Gas Lines to our end of the street was in the works.  She came in and mapped out where the inlet would be and flagged our property for hook up.  Great, right?  Um, no.  Seriously, have not heard or seen a thing since and we are already dropping into the low 40's at night.  So, needless to say, the propane has been tapped into once again.  EEK! 

I can not express how terrible the bills were with propane or how bad the customers were (us) for not filling it before we ran out (oops!).  So, we were looking into our options.  We had heard that we were sitting on an old gas well.  OK, cool, right!  I mean we had tunnels from our house to our old carriage house and tons of pipes running in the carriage house- so maybe we could...oh wait a one in our neck of the woods drills for natural gas pockets and it would be big $$$ to get someone to come up and drill and then what if we are tapped out...we just wasted money for nothing...  We both thought our risk was more than our gain in that case...  


Ok, onto a Wood Boiler... We drove up to Michigan a few weeks ago to look at one, a used was nice and BIG- big enough to do what we needed it for- our house and the big pole barn (I mean, Hubby has to have a heated garage, right?).  Well, something was just not right with it because Hubby let it go. Now what...(my thoughts)

I guess it was a good thing that we did not J U M P before doing our research because our Town wants us to have a SPEC sheet to submit to them for our permit. This used model was not coming with such Spec Sheet- PROBLEM!   And it just so happens that one night I...yes, me...was doing some research on Wood Boilers and trying to lessen my Hubby's stress...and found a few names that I then started searching.  I called him in for one brand that was interesting (I really don't know much about these units) and it just so happens that he was looking at the same brand.  Well, this caused him to look on Craigslist and lone behold...he found a new model that was priced right and jumped.  It is crazy how this stuff happens to us- like it is supposed to, you know!

Well, that was over the last Sunday...He met the guy and gave him a "deposit" and we drove to Bluffton on Saturday (Thanks Mom and Dad for watching our kiddos so that they did not have to ride in the car for 6 hours) and picked up our NEW wood boiler!  Guess that is why we have a wood pile that lines a half acre of our property? (seriously)

It was a LONG ride home- slow and steady- but I got some great pics and schooled on how all this Wood Boiler stuff works!  Free heat (well this year at least!) and this unit will also be heating our water. I mean, how much more country can we get...but I love it!

So, needless to say...Turn down (the heat) for W H A T???

So, next on our list...Spring time will be bringing in the chickens...I need BROWN eggs. 

 Yup, this is the L I F E!


**Jeep Wife, Jeep Life....

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Raising an Old Soul within your child

By: Kel Amstutz03/28/2017

Image result for eightIt's been eight years.  It's even hard for me to say, to admit that fact. Hard to face the reality that eight years has passed by already, in what seems like a blink of an eye, literally.  

She was born and my world, our world, has changed forever.  I remember looking at her little face, being amazed and enamored all in the same at this tiny human that join our world, that I was entrusted to take care of, to teach and help learn and grow.  

Trust me, it has not been a picnic, we have messed up royally in this short span of time, but it's no wonder.  

I mean, have you ever just looked at your child, really looked at them, past the cuteness that is on the surface and just knew that they had been here before, in some way, shape or form?  

An Old Soul. 
Image result for you tube clip artThis is my oldest.  She is sassy, to smart for her own good, opinionated, outspoken at times, stubborn as all get out, and by goodness, when she thinks that she is right, SHE IS RIGHT!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes, outdoor and natureI blame this on the fact that this world, to her, has already been experienced.  

She teaches me things on a regular basis.  She has bypassed the days of toys and wants to learn technology, science, words in books.  The things is, she has always been like this.  Never a true child, not really.  She has always been thirsty for knowledge but not surface knowledge, nope, not her, she wants to dig further, deeper into the more complex issues. 
Her purpose might not be known just yet, but I promise you this, that girl has purpose.  She was not put back on this planet to just be, she was put here to do. 
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, table and indoorRaising a child with an old soul, well, can be a humbling experience, to say the least.  I remember when she was little, maybe two or so, trying to hide something that I was feeling down and out about.  She kept looking at me.  I, of course, pretended to smile and act like everything was A-OK, as usual. She reached up, touched my cheek, looked into my eyes and told me it would be ok.  She was just a baby, but she looked at me like she understood, which I have no doubt that she did.  This has continued, she has always been my kid that will say, "Mom needs a break."  This is often followed with her taking her sister into the next room, to occupy her for a few minutes. 
It goes beyond just this, as the connection that she holds with her little sister is stronger than I could have ever imagined.  Sure, they don't get along all the time, but her sister will fall down and it is my oldest who runs to her, cries with her, comforts her, and is there for her, truly. 
Image may contain: textThe conversations that we have, although not always flowers and blue skies, because, let's face it people, this world is not an awesome place, are intense and deep, things that even today she stops to ask about, as she is still processing things that we discussed two years ago. 
Of course, she can be a pill sometimes, because at the end of the day, she is still a tiny human, after all.  She can be the bossiest of sisters and often tried to be the third parent in our household, which gets her into trouble!  And, she is messy, like messier than messy and can never find anything, like ever!  She rolls her eyes consistently, especially when I ask her to stop bossing, and her mouth talks back, and most recently, under her breath in most moments.  But, this is eight! 
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoorThen, she looks into my eyes when we are talking and I start to think about the world, life, souls, where we came from and where we are going.  She is a constant reminder, everyday, how lucky, how blessed I am that God put her in my care.  She is calm when chaos happens, she worries about the BIG things and the little things, she bears a hug at just the right moment and she is a mad loomer, even if this Mama finds tiny rubber bands of every color of the rainbow ALL OVER THE HOUSE! 

I worry about her old soul. 
I worry that her big heart will be broken, a lot.  She loves with her all.
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and closeup

I worry that this world, this one that is so different from the one her old soul lived, will take away some of the uniqueness of my girl. 
I worry that she feels to much and this world, which is overwhelming and scary will swallow her up. 
And, I especially worry that I have absolutely no idea what in the world I am doing as a parent. I don't think my own soul is as old as hers. 
So, here I sit, doing my best to raise my old soul. She is many things, some still surprise me regularly.  
She tells me often that 'we all get two lives, one before and one after'. Maybe someday, I too will know what that means. 
For now, I will remain thankful that I was picked to be a part of this special girls life.  That I get to hug her, kiss her boo boos, love her with all I have and continue to guide her through this life the best that I can.  She is a kid that is a treat and one that makes me smile even when I feel like I am at my worst. 
I love you more, Kiddo

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Love ~ Mom

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

One day at a time...

By: Kel Amstutz
March 13, 2017

One day at a time. 

When you stop and think about the statement "One day at a Time" what does that resonate within you?
  • What does that mean in respect to your life, your wants, needs, visions?  
  • What does that mean to you? 

This is a quote that I hear time and time again...especially when discussing Gray Gables.

Gray Gables: 
A project we started way back in 2013.

A year that, today, seems so far away, and yet, here I am, here we are, still working towards our common goal.  Still working towards a dream that at one point or another, on certain days, seems unattainable within our very lifetimes.

That might sounds harsh.  I mean, we took on this project, with a plan, a pretty solid one at that, and here I stand before you, with a house that is still unfinished, a dream still growing daily within my brain, and complete and utter exhaustion.

Beyond what is on the outside though, I promise that you can rest assured is pride.  I think that Hubby and I both feel this way.  Pride for what we have accomplished thus far, pride for what has taken fruition, pride for what we have.

Hard work, perseverance, blood, sweat and on occasion, there were some tears, but we built more than just a home.  We have built a life, and a great one at that.

Daily we make memories within our four walls.  We play, we seek, we find, we explore, that is the beauty of Gray Gables.

Yet, we still hear "One day at a time" and it does not go on silent ears.  We know where we are, we know where we want to be, we know that it is attainable, but maybe not today...maybe one time?

It's funny what you learn about yourself, your spouse, even your family when you tackle a huge project.  It got ugly with some.  Messy with others.  Guilt ridden and hurt feelings with some others.  Then, with some, you find a closeness, a common denominator, and, in our case, thank goodness, it was within one another.  We had visions of how we wanted our home and although we are still miles from completion, with this and that happening, and this crazy thing called LIFE, we have been honest and have not given up those visions of our dream.

It is so funny to look back, to the year 2015, in which I wrote:

I think that through this remodel, I have learned a thing or two about truly taking life One day at a time.
A year and a half ago my husband and I took on this huge project.  My Mom found a listing for a house that I had driven past most of my life, a house that seventeen years prior, my own Mom and Dad were going to buy.  I took Jason to see it and it literally spoke to me.  

It wasn't pretty either and my Husband was not impressed!!  

He is a great guy! He knew something was there and I am a pretty determined girl, so needless to say, here we are, the proud owners of Gray Gables! But the road to move in was nothing short of turmoil, drama and one obstacle after another.  

These trials have just taught me not to read to much into things and to take this good day and hopefully the next in stride!! 

I can't argue with my words above, as they were heart felt and honest.  I have learned a lot along this journey, another step in my life, that much I am certain.  It is amazing to know that since then, we have not lost sight, we have not let the harshness of the situation affect today, and we have put things into a rational perspective.

So, I think that we are taking life literally, One Day At A Time, and guess what, that is OK!

Top 7 Tips For Marketing with a Purpose as a Driven Business Owner

By: Kel Amstutz

Business Support, Content Marketing, Marketing

Related image1) It is important to be an Authentic Business Owner

The best way to scare off customers is to try to push a sale onto them, a fact that every business owner knows all to well.  It is vital, as a business owner, to genuinely share your passions with your potential clients and/or customers.  People want to be seen as individuals not just a statistic or dollar sign.  Instead of selling your products to people, try to personally share your story with each customer, revealing how you got to this place and you would be surprised how the sales begin to follow you. 

2) Do not Mislead or Lie... PERIOD! 

We live among a world where social media and other networks can make it hard to be heard.  This causes pressure to get the attention that  you may feel that you deserve, which could lead you down a deceitful road.  Make sure that you are not misleading or creating offers that you can not follow through with.  This is important because consistency is key to most things in life, especially when you stop and look at all the distrust and misplace promises that surround us in our day to day lives.  Your clients deserve reliability, so deliver the truth, always. 

3) Find your Target Market and Spend Time with them! 

The first thing you should do is find your target market.  Once you establish this, develop a plan on how you are going to reach them.  To do this, effectively, you need to understand what they are investing their hard earned money, time and energy within.  Spend the time, do the homework and show interest in the areas that are showing interest to them to really identify with your work and your people. 

4) Find out who you can HELP most

Image result for help

Be clear who you can help.  Do not go about vaguely addressing your market, instead use your unique gifts and talents to an audience that is seeking the services that you have an expertise within.  As the expert in your field, you can take your customers from Point A to Point B and beyond. 

5) Use your Creativity to Blend into Every Marketing Effort you Present

Image result for creativityEvery effort that you make to share your products with an audience, use your creativity.  Every business owner should know the importance of standing out among the competition.  As you design your marketing plans, when you use your personal creativity, it will ultimately benefit your business as you begin reaching out to others. 

6) Join Others for Memorable Marketing

There is an old saying, Great Minds think alike, and this is especially true when dealing with the business world.  One of the most important strategies to develop is a collaboration that includes other purpose driven business owners.  This will not only keep you on top of your marketing game, but it will challenge you and continue to challenge you to think and work in ways that may be outside of your own comfort zone. 

7) Create a Content Plan

It sounds crazy, but, no customer wants to hear about a program or a sale that fails to deliver.  If you develop solid content, it is just as vital as marketing  when it comes to reaching others with your business. Plan for success in this area; a business owner that creates a specific content plan is a successful business owner!  Hands Down!

Nope! I can't wait to be done with school in two weeks and then off to my dream job! Haters approval not needed! I have found something I love to do! It makes me happy to see I'm such an inspiration to all my haters :):
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This life, working at home, being financial free and with my family, is something that I used to dream about

  • I am living it. 
  • I am loving it. 
  • I am making it my life! 

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