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AVON Deals & Steals for Monday, 6/30//2014

Deals & Steals for Monday, 6/30/2014

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After this weekend and the mosquitoes that were swarming...Thank Goodness that I picked up my Skin So Soft Bug Guard to keep my family bug free!  It is an amazing product and one that I keep going back for year after year.
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Day 30...Last Challenge Workout...who is with me?

Day 30...Last Challenge Workout...who is with me? 
Today's Challenge workout is nothing short of INSANE- you got this!

100 sit ups 200 crunches 120s plank 60 pushups 86 Jumping Jacks 64 High Knees 42 Squats 42 Lunges (per leg)

This is it- if you are still doing the challenge, this one takes the cake! This one divides us from the talkers and the do-ers!   If you completed this, you should definitely be noticing a lot of toning in those muscles and feeling inches lighter.  Do you feel good? Great?

I know I do!  I have been accountable and working hard to make sure that I do this workout along with you all, while mixing in my awesome Beachbody DVD systems in right along with all this.

I am really excited to start PiYo and hope that others will join!  If you are interested in know what the heck this PiYo thing is- please PM me or check out my website!  PiYo takes you through stretching, strengthening, and body-weight resistance-based exercises, at a fast, flowing pace- to sculpt and define eve…

HOT Summer Days at Gray Gables

Today was a BUSY, HOT Summer Day!  You know the ones I am talking about..the day is slow.. a rain storm even blew through in the early afternoon.  Then it turned into a HOT, humid mess ~ the sun shining so bright, leaving ZERO trace of any rain in sight for the naked eye to see.  It was busy with the sounds of Power Wheel Four Wheeler's through the yard and kids laughing, screaming and carrying on! It was filled with good food (BBQ Chicken bombs by Hubby) and lots of CAPRI SUNS littering the porch. 
As the sun set, a couple of whiny, hot kids and two parents boarded the old Chevy and HIT the fresh, open road for a SUMMER night roll in the old '63 Impala!  The kids asleep in the back, the open road all around and the cool country breeze filling the old car.  Something out of a REALLY good book, for sure!
I snapped this little pic and was enamored by the serene look of the tranquil brush- kind of took my breath away!  I love living in the country and all that this old house is g…

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Day #29 - LETS DO THIS!

Almost forgot and it's ALMOST our last day! Sorry for posting SO late- we have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY today! 
96 sit ups 191 crunches 115s plank 58 pushups 84 Jumping Jacks 62 High Knees 40 Squats 40 Lunges (per leg)

It's DAY #29 People, NO EXCUSES here!  Get it done and let's kick this Challenges BUTT!

It's a hot one here and I am under the weather, but I am still trying to work my way through this challenge.

What does the END mean to you?  For me, it means ANOTHER CHALLENGE , of COURSE!

Let's do this!

Saturday is R E S T Day!


Relationships: Are you READY to get MARRIED? There are some habits You Need to KICK Before You Say ‘I Do’!!

Are you READY to get Married? I have been married for a while now (eight long years this year!) and recently came acrossed a list of some things that newly married couples are experiencing and it really got me thinking! I mean, as a mother of 2 young girls, it would be nice to relay some kind of information on when it the right time to settle down in order to have a forever marriage! 
How do we know if we are ready to tie the knot, taking the giant leap into Adulthood?  Well, we do have a lot of growing up to do! Our priorities need to shift from wanting to sleep-in late to wanting to sleep in the same bed as someone else. We’re still embracing our immaturity and that’s okay, but there is a time when we need to grow up and develop some more adult qualities in order to gain entry to life’s later milestones. Especially if you’re looking to get married, there are some juvenile aspects of your life that you’ll have to give up to be able to move forward with a new person. Here are the characteri…

Challenge DAY 27...Opps I fell OFF the wagon... Get BACK UP!

Challenge Day #27...2 days to GO!How fast has this challenge been?  It seems like it is flying by! I can't believe it has been almost 30 days of staying positive, accountable and working towards the GOAL.
I get to add a day (so I am a day behind- boo!) thanks to a massive migraine and just feeling really terrible all day yesterday. (Summer colds SHOULD NOT exist!)
But, for everyone else... YOUR CHALLENGE today is:
94 sit ups 182 crunches 110s plank 55 pushups 82 Jumping Jacks 60 High Knees 38 Squats 39 Lunges (per leg)
You are ALMOST there!  Keep PUSHING! WE GOT THIS! (even if you miss a day- IT IS OK!)
2 days to go- that is it!  Let's Do IT!!

How has everyone been doing with meals?  Shakeology has really helped me regulate calories in my everyday diet. I have only been doing 1 Shakeo a day- but the results are there!  I make sure Lunches are under 300 calories and have been trying to get snacks in- but truth be told, I am a horrible snacker! I just won't do it because a snack to me i…

Avon Calling- Friday, 6/27/14

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Avon Lady calling for Thursday, 6/26/2014

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Day #26- The Challenge is ON!

Day 26 
ONLY 3 days to GO!  C'Mon - don't give up YET!  If you missed yesterday, that is OK. Get back up and start AGAIN today.  Keep Going, Keep Working- GET RESULTS!

Your Challenge for Day #26:

90 sit ups 173 crunches 105s plank 52 pushups 80 Jumping Jacks 58 High Knees 36 Squats 37 Lunges (per leg)
It isn't going to get any easier than this at this point in the challenge- so DO IT!  It is tough, it is sweaty, it is grueling, but it is called a Workout for a reason!  YOU GOT THIS!

As we are winding down to the end of this challenge, I hope that you will join me in my next challenge.  I am anxiously awaiting my PiYo DVD system and hope to make a challenge group out of my experience with it!  I am excited- putting Pilates and Yoga together- and this isn't your Mama's Yoga either!  I can't wait to get started and tell you all about the program and find the results!  (although I really LOVE my 10 min. trainer DVD system!)

Keep moving, keep eating right and remember- 3 day…

AVON Lady Calling for Wednesday, 6/25/2014

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Don't Stop- Don't Give Up... Day #25

The 25th WORKOUT day.... 

86 sit ups 164 crunches 100s plank 49 pushups 78 Jumping Jacks 56 High Knees 35 Squats 35 Lunges (per leg)

There are only 4 more days- we are going to PUSH our limits to achieve the goals we want!  Even after this challenge, it is important to keep pushing yourself, keep challenging yourself and keep reaching for higher goals to get the results that you WANT!

Keep a strong focus on food today.  Eat Healthy and Clean, try to remember the WHY in the reason you are DOING this!

Keep Working!



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Summer Reading...Who knew?

Is Reading going to be the DEATH of ME?

As many of you know, I have not been shy about wanting to get "that" Mom, the one who has so much FUN with their kids, who gets up and out, schedules things that are just too cool for school and is able to follow that darling 100 things to do in Summer lists!  
Realistically, I know I will NEVER acquire to much of this want, but baby steps, right! So, on a HOT Summer Sunday, in which it looked as if the sky were going to open up at any given moment and shower its L U N C H upon the earth- I packed up my kids and headed to the Library.  The pictures in my head were dreamy.  The excitement was all around us! 
Then reality hit!  We walked through that automatic door and found our way to the counter to get library cards. While I am busily writing names and d.o.b.'s out, my girls are busy playing with a little kids table with the beads on it that move along the lines of wire. (yes, seriously) - and fighting!  There were like 10 "track…

Your AVON Lady Calling- for Tuesday, 6/24/2014

AVON for 6/24/2014
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Challenge- Day #24- ARE YOU READY?

It's Day 24- are you READY?  
Well, I am.  Even with my seasonal allergies and Summer Cold, I am NOT giving up. (that Kalahari trip is just around the corner- eek!)

Our Challenge today:

84 sit ups 155 crunches 95s plank 46 pushups 76 Jumping Jacks 54  High Knees 34 Squats 33 Lunges (per leg)

Whatever is going on, do not let this challenge get your discouraged.  I know that upon first look, it can seem scary, but it should be getting easier and easier, especially with us staying so consistent.  The build has been slow and we just keep progressing and we are ALL going GREAT!

Plus, only 6 SHORT days to go- can you even believe that? Then what are we going to do...

So, I have a question for everyone- are you remaining accountable? When are you doing your workouts?

I have found that the only time that I can workout is when my kids are asleep.  It does not do me any good to try to workout with them because they want to workout too- and let's just say it is more distracting than um, fun?  The…

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