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5 Ways to Shine at Sponsored Posts

Making Money5 Ways to Shine at Sponsored Posts August 01, 2016
by: Kel Amstutz

If you’re working with brands (or hoping to), at some point you’ll write a sponsored post. But how do you make a blog post about a brand not one big buzzword-filled snoozefest?

Well, keep it true to your style and voice for starters.

You’ll not only make the brand happy; your readers won’t hit the back button either.

These five tips will give you a fresh twist for your next sponsored post.

Plus, check out the examples from bloggers who know how to write for brands in a way that’s both authentic and informative.

Just Be Real… Even if that means at Your Own Expense You don’t have to sound like you’re spouting marketing-babble when you write a sponsored post.

Brands want to see you being you so keep it real, even if that means showing a less-than-perfect day or poking a little fun at yourself.

Shining Example: Anne from did a great sponsored post for Kohl’s Wink of Pink Giveaway. Is pin…

It's time to take a break...

It's TIME to take a BREAK
by: Kel Amstutz    *July 11, 2016

Hi All!

It's KEL here. 

I know...I know... L O N G time... no post. 

I'm sorry!  

It's been hectic trying to juggle!  

And it's SUMMER and the first one in a LONG time that I have had with the kiddos!

So, it is time for an ANNOUNCEMENT:

It is time for a much needed break

Who knew keeping three (3) blogs would be so hectic? 

Plus...I have this little gig... you know... this J O B that I call being MOM and all!  

I have tons of things filtering through my mind right I can regroup, reface, redo my blog

I have had a BLAST putting Life at Gray Gables into motion and keeping it chalked full of content, but let's face is kind of...OK if you must, totally A-D-D and really ALL OVER THE PLACE!

I mean, WHAT IS Life at Gray Gables anywhoo?
A lady who loves BOOKS, RECIPES, FAMILY- sure... but what does that REALLY have to do with GRAY GABLES? 

YUP...this is where I am at!  

So what if it has taken about four (…

I AM BATMOM...with a HULKED OUT Oreo Junkie... apparently!

Truer words could not be spoken...  as my 5 year old decided to throw down in the checkout line at the store and  WAIL  about how MAD she was and how HUNGRY she was...  I mean... ON THE BRINK OF DEATH... i fear...  and that snack (OREOS) was what she  "NEEDED RIGHT NOW..." ‪#‎hulkedout‬ as I calmly... (maybe a little in my BATMAN voice) reminded her that we were headed to grab dinner  as soon as we were done CHECKING OUT!!! 
#momoftwogirls  #iambatmom