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Happy Halloween


Spooky Places

Halloween Town-BoundI am a HUGE fan of Halloween and all things that are spooky. OK, maybe I am not as gung-ho as I would have been, eh, let's say seven years ago, but I still love the Halloween stories, the spooky places, hayrides, pumpkin patches and the smell of cinnamon surrounding me.  That is why I love watching scary shows, movies too, if I am not home alone in this creepy, noises all through the night, house! 
What is it about Fall that makes the world a little more creepy?  A little more scary at night?  Why are we drawn to the abandoned, neglected places?  Is it because of fear?  How about those places that have been sitting for an extremely long time?  Or those where horrible things happened or stories have been told? 
I remember when I was in high school, my best friend and I loved Halloween and every year we would do something that would scare the crap out of us. One year we walked through a cemetery late at night and swear we saw shadows.  Another year we drove back by…

Information Overload...Some baby wipes are doing what?

I had to stop buying baby wipes... and it was not because my kiddo's have outgrown them...
The world is seriously messed up!  I mean, I can't even buy baby wipes without a recall.  Good lord, they are baby wipes, people.  They are made to use on our little babies.  What the heck is going on in the baby wipe making factory that has put these baby wipes that we use on our precious little babies at risk?  
Our brand was the Sam's Club special, Simply Right.

I have been buying them, through all the package changes, for well over five years now.  I was shocked, to say the least.  And the media's twist by saying that "They Might be contaminated with Bacteria" does not help my "I am a MOM" panic, as I gather the nearly two packets that I had sitting around the house or left in the car up and tossed them, in a fit of rage, into the recycling bin. (they are paper...products, right!)
So, what gives?
Apparently, the company that goes by 10 different brand names, Nut…

S I S T E R S...enough said

My Kids..My Life..

It was over three years now that we added to our little family.  It was terrifying, if I remember correctly.  I mean, to think of having a two year old and then think about adding a newborn to that already craziness, I don't think I had nails!  But, it was that whole Now or Never thought that crossed my mind. 
So, we rolled the dice...Ended up with a disappointed Daddy and a beautiful, healthy baby girl, again!   So, why was I happy it was another girl?  I want to say that I was not pulling for one sex or the other, just hoping for a healthy baby, no matter what. But...when the Ultrasound tech said Girl..secretly I was stoked, even if my Hubby was less than.  I mean, I had a baby brother as my other sibling and sure, we have our few moments of closeness, but not like I feel it could be with a sister.  You can share clothes, makeup, stories with you sister.  She can help you shop, do hair and just be a built in bff.  Boys can not do that!  Plus, there is only two y…

I'm Late, I'm Late...for an important date...

Another year is winding down...and, although I feel that I am a little late in thinking about this, I must be honest and tell all that I feel that I should have created some kind of "Bucket List" for 2014. 

The older we get, the older our children get, it seems like the faster these years fly right on by and this year has been NO different!

I am sure that at the beginning of year, when all was well and kisses were made for the new year, everyone (or most everyone) set goals of what they were going to do this year, what they wanted to accomplish and go about their lives.  Did you?  I remember say to myself that I wanted to be less stressed out and enjoy my family.  Well, here we are in October (nearly November) and a lot has happened in my life to not only alleviate stress, but also to put my mind in a better place and allow me the opportunity to spend time with my family.  So, I think I can say that those goals have been accomplished, right! But now, the problem still lies wit…

Has anyone seen this picture before? In/Around Toledo, Ohio Area found @ Gray Gables...

So, we found this picture in our rafters, here at Old Gray Gables.  It is in really good condition (well, the picture itself). But it has no writing on it.  It kind of looks like Frannie Cleveland- which is weird because our home is called "Gray Gables" - as was the Summer Home of her and Grover Cleveland.  I also know that Norvel Bacon, who build the Cleveland's original Gray Gables lived in Toledo, Ohio.  I know that Aaron Chesbrough, who built our home, was of one of the Wealthiest families in Toledo in the 1890's.  That should be mentioned because it is possible that Frannie was friends with the late Chesbrough's.  But, if anyone recognizes this picture, please comment or better yet, email me!

1892 Farmhouse given new life...

An oldie- but a goodie!  Just found this "pop" up in my search. Wow, we were YOUNG! LOL

Waking up is hard to do? When you're 5...

I started my day with a jump as the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was my beautiful five year old daughter, in my face, nose to nose! I think I literally made a sound of startle, which is funny because she does this all the time.  

"Mom, I can't sleep."  I guess in k i d - that means that if she can't sleep, I can't either...

So, I walked with her to her room. She asked for her TV to be turned on, which I fumbled my way through the remote and tucked her in before going back to my warm bed to catch the twenty more minutes that I had before my "other" alarm went off!

Finally, I hit the snooze as much as I could and knew I had to get up.  I walked past my five year old's room to find her still wide awake.  Luckily, she did not seem to notice me going by her room and I went to get ready for the day.

Twenty minutes later, I go into her room and she is passed out! Mom Call...I let her sleep for fifteen minutes longer.  When that time elapsed, it w…

Oh no you DIDN'T...did you.... Gray Gables Farm

I know that I am not alone. Every New Year's Eve I sit down and think about what I want to accomplish for the New Year.  Most of the time it is silly little goals, like eat better, help a charity or exercise.  Last year, however, it revolved around a book that I had wrote a few years ago and the goal was to get it/or one of them, published.  Yes, there are a few that I would be honored to see in print.

I spend the year trying to tweak my book, get a final copy and then I set off to find a Literary Agent.  Well, that was one huge hurdle and I was met by rejection, rejection and more rejection.  So, I did what any person who loves to write does...I wrote another book, and another and another. (duh!)

Well, I really did not go anywhere with any of them.  I just kind of started them, got to the plot and my ADD got in the way of my train of thought, so I would start another.  After that, life just got in the way.

Fast Forward...  In mid-September I headed up to the attic of this big ol…