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Hi all!  
My name is Kel Amstutz. 


I am so glad that you found my page!  

I would love to tell you a little more about ME, myself, my journey and my life!  

I am thirty-six years young and I have been seeking something that is higher than ME for a long while now.  I believe that sometimes you need to put things in God's hands and let him lead the way, truly.  That can be said in where I am right now.  I was lead to this wonderfully opportunity, one that has been a blessing for me, on a personal level. God put before me a program that not only gave me the light back that had been dull, but energy, drive, purpose and a true meaning for what I should be in his eyes.  I am busy, don't get me wrong, but it feels great! These products, this program, has CHANGED my life. Hands down.  I am not sitting here, being a talking head, I am a customer, I am a user of the products. Each. And. Every. Day.  I honestly don't know what I would do without them. They have given me so much and I feel that they have given me purpose to spread this word around so that you can find your purpose, your drive, yourself again!  

Sure, I am a Mom. I work full time. I am married, happily, to my Husband for eleven years. But, I am more than just those wonderfully things listed.  I have a higher purpose, one that I was not truly sure of, until I took a chance to better myself, until I listened and put my trust in the God almighty and let him lead the way to the purpose that I had been seeking but had been unable to find. 

So, WELCOME. Let this program work for you, just as it has for me. There is a goal here, one that I am eager to strive for, one that was laid in place and is measurable and I can't wait for you all to set your own goals, too! 

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You’ve decided to begin your journey towards a flexible, financially free and secure, family life.  Congratulations!  This program is all about INVESTING in YOU and making YOUR DREAMS come true.  There is not any magic, no scams, just HARD WORK and the right tools to get you on your way.

It’s time to get outside of your comfort zone.  It is time to think outside of the box. It is time to make YOUR dreams a REALITY.

All you need on this journey is your Creativity and Commitment.

You can do this!  


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