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5 Ways to Shine at Sponsored Posts

Making Money5 Ways to Shine at Sponsored Posts August 01, 2016
by: Kel Amstutz

If you’re working with brands (or hoping to), at some point you’ll write a sponsored post. But how do you make a blog post about a brand not one big buzzword-filled snoozefest?

Well, keep it true to your style and voice for starters.

You’ll not only make the brand happy; your readers won’t hit the back button either.

These five tips will give you a fresh twist for your next sponsored post.

Plus, check out the examples from bloggers who know how to write for brands in a way that’s both authentic and informative.

Just Be Real… Even if that means at Your Own Expense You don’t have to sound like you’re spouting marketing-babble when you write a sponsored post.

Brands want to see you being you so keep it real, even if that means showing a less-than-perfect day or poking a little fun at yourself.

Shining Example: Anne from did a great sponsored post for Kohl’s Wink of Pink Giveaway. Is pin…

20 BOOKS you NEED to read NOW!

20 Books You NEED to Read This SpringBy: Kelley Amstutz 05/12/2016

It's not a secret. I just found a gift card for Barnes and idea WHEN I received this GC, but I went to load it to my account and lone behold...I still had some $$ just waiting there for me...seriously (I said to myself) WHAT!!! So, this called for SHOPPING (duh!) and that lead to books...books...and more books.  I love real deal, hard bound books, but with this FREE MONEY...I got a variety (say what?) and now I have books stacked on my nook there weren't before my free money shopping spree, right!  And there are now books stacked (like STACKED) on my nightstand, which has lead to HUBBY asking me when I am finding the TIME to read all these GEMS.  This leads to the depression part of LIFE....NOT ENOUGH TIME TO READ... (WAH)

Oh well... I can't stop the #obsession.  The struggle... oh yea...ITS REAL!!!

So, of course, I had to put together my LIST of MUST RE…



There is really nothing I love more than settling in for the night with a snugly blanket and a good book. So, here is the question...the one that every book lover HATES... What’s your favorite book? Here is the list-with little explanations, about why each book made this list. At least one of us has read most of these books, but we haven’t read all of them. And I hope your kind of freaking out over the list you now have to take to the library.  So here goes...30 most recommendable books: 1.These Is My Words by Nancy Turner– Eye-opening, heart-warming and completely heart-wrenching!  Sarah, the main character, is hilarious. The story is written in the form of a journal, and you see Sarah’s growth and development through her writing.   2. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak – This book focuses on the power of words and the power that even a young girl can have. The way the author wrote it (it’s narrated by Death) is absolutely amazing.  3. The Secret Keeper by Kat…