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Top 5 Ways to Work at Home with Amazon

If you are anything like are kind of AMAZON obsessed.  
I mean, my blog-e-blog (K J Term) is kind of centered around this book thing, which in turn is working with Amazon, like daily. 

What that means...

is that I might be...I am kind of... I hate to admit it... but I AM ADDICTED TO AMAZON! 

Hubby can vouch this truth with the fact that I had to have the Amazon Prime membership when they offered it for $68 a few Fridays ago....OPPS!

But, when it comes to talking about this whole WORK AT HOME seems that those who are not seeking this alternative work away screaming!  

Well, while the skepticism is still strong, there are more and more companies that are offering remote positions that are legit and one of these is....drum-roll please.... 

So, how can you make money working at home with ask?   Well, that is easy! I actually have five (5) possibilities for telecommuting with Amazon! 1. Mechanical Turk - mTurk is a crowd-sourcing or micro-gig, if I may o…