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Back to the Basics... Homesteading 101

So, I recently read this article posted on and kind of found some inspiration in what Tracy and her family live by, standards wise.

We are stuck in a society where it is all about material possessions, who has what...keeping up with the Jones...and less about truly living a great, meaningful life.

Now, I am not ready to stop shopping...but I get it, I read it and I wanted to share because some things hit close to home about the ideals that I want to set up for my own family.

Here is what Tracy had to say (I have to share!) :

Back To Basics.Let me tell you a story… Once upon a time there was a couple who was overwhelmed by consumerism and drowning in debt, doomed to a live a life of unsatisfying purchases and surrounded by like-minded people. As Americans, they gladly followed the crowd to fit in, but behind closed doors they dreamed of a life where how much they made and what brand…