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Obsessions from a Jealous Mom...seeking a Kick A$$ Command Center

As we slowly creep into the nearing second full week of school, I must admit that I am a
right now, of all those Moms who have fabulous organizational skills (at home) and to be frank, Kick A$$ Command Centers.

Envy comes into my mind as I sit here, looking at the empty wall where I would love to create such space, lacking the determination, drive, and/or vision to make it happen. 

What is a full time working Mama to do?  

Well, pin awesome pictures of Kick A$$ command centers and dream, duh!  

Maybe one day..(I totally sighed here too!)

So, whilst I am still dreaming, I wanted to share 20 AMAZING, drool worthyCommand Centers that I see in my...distant...future. 

(Hey, my little one hits school next year...maybe that is what I am waiting for?  sounds good anywhoo)

But first, here are a few things to do to GET READY:
(as you can see, I am still stuck HERE! LOL)

1. Find the right space.  A command center isn’t going to help you if it’s not in a place that makes sense.  It should be somewh…