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Friday, September 25, 2015


Dear Mom Who Wants to Stay Home With Her Kids,

I see you. 

Getting up each morning and leaving your babies

You want to stay home, but just can’t afford it.

  • I see you. 
  • I have even been where you are. 
  • I promise you that it is possible for you to be a stay at home mom.

After I had my first kiddo, I felt that tug... that grip that was almost choking me. I knew I wanted to be able to stay home with her. 

However, I believed it was just a “pipe dream”, something that we could NEVER afford to do. Only rich people were able to stay home with their kids. And we were far from rich….

Then...when we became pregnant with baby #2, I knew deep in my heart how hard it was going to be to go back to work and leave two babies behind.

I did though. I went back to work. I sucked it up each and every day and left my babies. I missed my first child's entry to pre-school. I missed drop offs and pick ups. 

This is where I knew I had to make a change. I had to find a way to be home. I had to be there for  my family....

So, the HUNT was on. 

  • I scoured the internet. 
  • I searched the help wanted pages. 
  • I stayed positive and hopeful.
  • I did NOT give up. 

My kiddos were Five and Three when I finally "Got the Job" and was able to create my home office. A Company had faith in me, my reference were spot on and I was finally... 

The job was tough, but I muddled through it, giving it my all, putting my best foot forward. I had recommendations that fell on deaf ears, I had process improvements that were unappreciated, I even stayed five steps ahead of management, but it wasn't enough. The market was closing in on our small the inevitable finally happened after one, short year. 

During that year, things were good

  • I had sick kids, no problem. I took them to the doctors and flexed my work schedule to accommodate. 
  • School functions, it's OK. I was a good worker, I documented my time and was super accountable, just for the sheer fact that it was a work at home position. 

With one door closing and another opening...which was not a work at home position, I rolled with the punches. But, it was like God was trying to tell me that there is so much more out there for me

  • My heart longed to be with my family. 
  • My kids missed me. (Not that Hubby did not rock out mornings and after school routines) 
  • I missed them all. Seeing my Hubby on the weekends is not my cup of tea and leaves me moody and miserable. 

So, naturally, being the planner that I am it was time to figure it out...

I sat down with my Hubby and here is what we did, and 

1. We  wrote out our Budget: The fact of the matter is that you cannot cut expenses and manage your money without a budget. 

2. It was time to cut our expenses: Believe me-you can do this! There is SOMETHING you are spending money on that you don’t have to. How about eating out? If you are home, you will cook more, meaning less money buying out. You will also have more time to price match, and even clip coupons. Gas will be less because you will not leave the house ever day. You will also save money on child care, work wardrobe, and other purchases that may be related to your job.

3. We talked about saving the money from our paychecks: After you have made a budget and you know what you can cut out, designate a set amount each paycheck to go directly into a savings account. This will help give you a “cushion” when you quit your job. This is not the same as an emergency fund (which you should also have).

4. Then I started looking for a way to earn a little extra income from home: This will ease you or your spouse’s mind, or if you are coming up short then this is a good option. I have a business, It Works!, in which I went Ruby earning a $500 bonus and currently earn around $1500 a month. I am a Marketing Network Rep and I literally work from my Cell Phone utilizing Instagram. I do this while my kids play, in a matter of seconds. It is that easy and I am making half of what I made with my State Job, and I have the potential to grow bigger and bigger. I am making my dreams of being a stay at home Mom reality and I am here to help you make your dreams reality too! I would love to coach those who have the same goals in life as I do. Don't get me wrong, I work hard, I hustle, but to me, my goal, my dream is to be home with my kids, to watch them grow, to have financial freedom and to not miss a thing. I don't want to earn a paycheck, I want to live a life with a great paycheck to match. 

Dear mom, if you truly have a desire to stay home then I hope these financial tips will help encourage you to take that first step. For me I spent $99 dollars and now I have my own business! 

Staying at home does not have to be a pipe dream. 

You CAN do it, and it will be a step that will allow you more time with your kids, more memories made, and one that you will likely never regret.

Check it out today and CHANGE your LIFE!

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