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8 Cool Jobs you can get as an ENGLISH Major

8 Cool Jobs You Can Get With an English Major

“Oh, you’re an English major? So you’re going to be a teacher, right?” Maybe you are an English majorwith the hopes of becoming a teacher, but maybe not! Wherever there is communication—whether it’s in the form of speeches, presentations, commercials, print ads, podcasts, broadcasts, instructions, brochures, press releases, newspapers, magazines or books—there is a need for people to create, edit and revise that content. And that’s where you come in, English majors!

1. B2B content writer What it is: B2B marketing, or business-to-business marketing, is used for one business to sell goods or services to another business (as opposed to businesses selling something to a consumer). A growing number of B2B clients are interacting with companies through social networking channels, such as Twitter, blogs and LinkedIn, and someone has to capture the interest of those customers through well-written content. Why your English degree is valuable: With a li…