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Thursday, July 6, 2017

The FOURTH of July...on the 6th! #betterlatethannever

By: Kel Amstutz

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Hi ya'll!  

Here I am, sharing with you all on the 6th of July...SHOUTING from the ROOFTOPS - - - Happy 4th!  

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I am not crazy...well...maybe a little... but due to the activities that took place this past weekend...and just waking up (not really although I do wish...) I wanted to stop by and say HAPPY 4th to everyone and see how your holiday went....I mean with it being on a Tuesday and all this week. 

I have been referring to this week as The Wacky Week because...seriously...

  • work on Monday...
  • OFF on Tuesday....
  • then back Wednesday
  • Thursday 
  • and Friday.  

Crazy, right!  

And since the vacation time is not here...just yet...
I am going through the a zombie...but Hey Hey, I'm still here, on time...KILLING IT! #asif

So, let's get down to the WHAT'S UP... 

What did ya'll do?  

Here's our pictures:

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This is the face of my child who is mad as could be... to be sitting in timeout because she keeps stealing her sisters barbie. But...this makes NO SENSE she tells me... #add2 #timeout #thepout #soupset#barbiebrat 
Ps...her sister is sitting out with her...just because#bestlittlesis #support #justbecause

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Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, selfie and closeup

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Um... Kit Kat is clearly #marshmellowwasted 

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Snow...just just the weeds on the back two...

So, clearly you can see that we did a lot of:
  • SWIMMING....
  • a little Time-Out time...
  • Selfie's :) 
  • and got MarshmEllow Wasted...
I mean, who didn't?   

But, we also watched a heck of a firework display care of our awesome neighbors on Saturday evening and the Hubs and Oldest kiddo went to see our friends kick butt fireworks display last night....

so the question remains...

IS the 4th of JULY OVER? 


So, from our yours- we wish you a 
HAPPY 4th 
(sure it's a little late) and I encourage YOU to share you stories and pics!  

Until next time...

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