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Monday, March 14, 2016

Chocolate covered...yum....

Another day, another dollar.  

Isn't that what they say?  

When you work from home, I think that still sticks.  I mean, while I am juggling my work duties and making sure I am fitting in my full eight plus hours, I also have dishes, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and dinner on my mind.

Work is good though.  

I mean, I am grateful to have the opportunity to work for a legit company based in Minnesota, with a work load that keeps me busy, but sometimes a girl just needs a break!

This was true on Friday.  After pushing my ten hour day (pouting the whole way through) and having it then turn into a twelve hour day- and that is straight hours, I was ready to slam the laptop shut and walk away, far away!

I signed off and stopped reading all emails coming in from my phone and literally disconnected

Much needed, considering that the Monday before, I had pondered taking Friday off all together.  I would not have been able to, as I was holding down the "fort", but it just proves that I was more than ready for the break.

Then, I ask, why do weekends go so fast?  

I had things to get ready for my Mom's birthday (Happy Birthday Mom - I love you!) and then a celebration and a kid who was feeling under the weather and bam it's Monday again... Oh vey!

I made it through my Monday, which was super hectic, signing off at a decent time, with only nine hours in!

I went to bed feeling tired and woke to a Chocolate covered Boston Creme doughnut greeting me on the kitchen counter.


Yes, I ate it all!  

Every last delicious part of that yummy doughnut and I feel glorious about it.  

Working fifty PLUS hours a week is a killer while raising two kids solo, as my Hubby leaves this gig to me at night.  Rough...right!

So, I had my chocolate covered yummy yum yum and went on with my day of work.  Yes, it's busy but that doughnut made my day just a little better.

Thank you Hubby for my yum yum yummy, it was much needed and I love you!

Doughnut or Do-NOT?  You be the judge!


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