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Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Day 30....Write On...

It is just starting!  Day 30.  Who is ready to write?  I am!  I woke up early, refreshed and ready to break ground. 

Today is also super exciting because my oldest is SIX! 

My Big Girl is 6 today!  2/4/2015

Now, without further a-do!  

Day 30 Writing Challenge Word of the Day:


The door slammed shut. That is the last thing that I remembered. What happened next was being played out in front of me as if I were in a dream, only I was still awake. 

Mac was flying and I was working hard to catch up, or nearly stay close. He is fast. My heart is beating, thumping beyond my chest. It feels as if my heart could jump out into the world. My legs were moving down the stairs as I stayed focused on the steps, trying to hang onto the railing so I did not trip and fall, tumbling to my death. 

Mac was shouting that he had eyes. Being partners with someone for such a long time let me know that he was referring to the person. He sounded urgent, knowing. I knew I had to hustle. 

The end was near. I could see the white linoleum floor at the bottom through the middle of the stairwell. Mac was now out of sight. 

I heard a door open at the bottom, near enough to hear the foot shuffles exiting. Then. Everything was quiet.  I was still a floor up, moving as fast as my feet would let me, stuck in the stillness of the empty stairwell. 

I heard shuffling.  I thought it was my own feet shuffling as I made my way to the door at the bottom that was getting closer with each step I took. I felt the pain in my head before I saw the shoes. The pain was excruciating. My head throbbed. I could no longer think. Everything kept going dark, then light. I felt blood rushing and knew that it was coming down my face, into my eyes as I started to see the stairwell in red. I heard nothing, not a sound. Shuffling started to happen again as I felt myself being pulled. I closed my eyes and prayed for Mac. 

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