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Animal House! Six things to know about having Baby Bunnies...

The "A" Family is batting around the idea of adding another bunny to our "farm", but it has brought up a lot of questions, along the way.  

Obviously, we have Miss Luna:

who is a girl, has a massive house (thanks to Hubby) ... she is a Holland Lop, which is what I would look for in our new addition...

But do we get another girl or a boy this round? 
I am not afraid of having baby bunnies, especially Holland Lops. I think that it would provide a great learning experience for the girls and allow them to see life happen, bunny style. But, never having had baby bunnies before, it kind of made me do some research into having baby bunnies and what to do (or not to!) that I thought I would share for anyone else who might be interested in this adventure as well!

Six Things to KNOW about Having Baby Bunnies: 

1. Take care of the mom rabbit. The mom cares for the baby rabbits until they are old enough to eat pellets. However, the mom needs extra special care and nutrition while sh…