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[PERSONAL POST] As darkness approaches, you will find the light... #mystory

Things are TOUGH. Tougher than I could have imagined. 
Looking at my life six (6) short months ago, yeah, the struggle was real- but the happiness filled the air.  
Where did that happiness go?

Today I just feel like I am a zombie. 
I wake. I work. I drive my long commute home. I sleep. 

You call this living? 

Right now, I am low, down, raw with emotion, or lack there of.
I might be somewhere in-between. 
I fake happy.I never thought I would ever have to do that
That is true. 
I am alone.

I show signs of lifewhen I am with my girls. They seem to be the light that shines brightest inside my body. 
But, that too is short lived, as the time keeps moving forward, days keep passing by faster and faster. 
I keep missing. 
I am alone.

I have a husband.  I think.  I hardly see his face. I hardly hear his voice. 
I am alone.