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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

PUMPED-UP READING with your Kids!

It's about time you take story-time to another level. 

How do we achieve this?  

Read Interactively.  

Did you know that by reading interactively, you increase your baby's understanding of the world and you build their vocabulary?

Here are some tips on WHY you should start reading outside of the "box":

1. Boost Emotional IQ
By pointing out and naming the details on every page, objects, characters, even colors you are boosting your child's emotional IQ.  When you make sound effects and dramatize the voices and emotions you are moving them up another level.

A great example of this is, if one of the characters is happy in your story, laugh and hug your child. 

2. Decode Body Language

You will be reading to a mostly mute audience for the first six months, so gauge your baby's interest by watching for signs.

  • If he/she wiggles or seems to follow along, keep it up!  
  • If he/she focuses on something else or sounds unhappy, well, you gave it a go, but that is enough for today.

3. Bust the Fussies
Introducing touchy-feely books with flaps, fabric, or levers provides your older baby with something to physically interact with.  Stash a few in the kitchen, the bathroom, the car and the diaper bag to hand over if he/she is bored or grumpy.

One of our FAVORITES!

I am a HUGE advocate for reading to your baby. I read to both of my girls from pregnancy through toddler years and still have made it a part of our daily routine to catch fifteen (15) minutes of reading time before bed. We are very animated in our reading habits, as I find that they are more receptive to different character voices and are able to better relate, comprehend and expand on the stories that we read. The girls always had a "favorite" book growing up, one that they each shared in likeness, but one that engaged them as infants and is still fun to read and reminisce at the tender ages of four and six. 

Reading has been something that they enjoy, learn from and get excited about.  If you don't believe the above information, by all means try it, respond to me with your results and I will kindly retract my perception above. The thing is, that I have used the methods, with both of my kids and seen the difference it makes when you encourage your stories to "come alive." 

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