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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Today I laughed...because I forgot to yesterday....

Have you ever just had one of those days where it seems like everything that can go wrong...does?

Yeah, well I am NO different!  

I had a late Saturday, with my which I said, I will have PLENTY of time tomorrow to bake an Eclair Cake for my Dad's birthday.


Of course.

Then, I wake up only to find that the jello pudding I placed on the counter in anticipation for my bake-off is in fact NOT Vanilla...but Cheesecake?


Why do I have cheesecake jello pudding anywhoo? 

This lead to an impromptu trip to the grocery store a mile jog down the road.

Sure, no biggie....except when you factor in the two kids who are rowdy, rambunctious and not into the whole "lets run to the grocery store real quick" bribe that this Mama had going for her.

Sure, right...sounds like a fantastic Sunday, Funday with Mom at the Grocery Store....

OK, no biggie. We get shoes on...scarfs...hats...coats..mittens and load into our semi-warm car for our jog up the road. The wind was blowing gusts that seriously made me shiver, wishing I could just stay inside, bundled up under my black and white leopard electric blanket (of course, turned up HIGH!).

Our trip included a few other items on top of our pudding...including two extra boxes of cake mix...OJ...and bread!

  • Sure, it was quick.
  • Sure, it was boring.

Sure, MY kids act up the entire time we are on our adventure...even smashing the BREAD because they were ringing up the items in the cart, which required Ms. Six to lean over the side...mind you, we were literally in the store twenty minutes TOPS!



Check out went smooth. The walk to the car, although COLD, went smooth. (Thankfully Ms. Four still enjoys riding in the front of the cart so it requires just a juggle of one loose child!)

  • We loaded. 
  • We drove home (I may or may not have had a stern talk with these girls who required extra micromanaging inside of the store!) parked and unloaded (still in the cold!). 

Sure, that should be the END of the excitement for one day, right.


Cake Bake Off begins shortly after our trip. 

2 boxes of white cake mix.

Well, I knew that it was all going to go arye shortly after the rise because the rise lifted my cake a good inch over the lip of my pan. #houstonwehaveaproblem

  • I will bake. 
  • I will smoosh.  
  • I will poke and fill with my vanilla pudding mix. 
  • I will refrigerate. 
  • I will have plenty of room to top with chocolate frosting. 


Me and my brilliant plans include  moving this giant cake to a larger pan #hindsight - in which the cake decided to split in two right in the damn middle.



Cake 1, Kel 0. 

It was a LOSS! (wish my cake had insurance)

By now, we have one (1) hour until we need (NEED) to leave for the PARTY. (I swear I did not wait to the last minute)

Panic was rising but I decided to take a deep breath, start new. (hence those extra cake boxes I picked up!) 

Twenty quick minutes later (and only 1 cake box) the cake was done. (and not huge!)

  • I poked, filled, refrigerated.  It was t-minus ten minutes, so it was Chocolate Frosting time.
  •  I frosted. 
  • I piped a terrible HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD on top- it looked sad

Ms. Six's remark summed it up, "I bet it tastes better than it looks Mom." #eek

So, despite the looks of the cake, it was awesome tasting...and I brought a trifle (Dump Cake) along from my broken monster cake that was equally delicious!

Yesterday I was sad. 

 I had failed. 


Today, I am laughing.

  • I survived. 
  • We all survived. 

Sure my cake got some laughs.

Sure there were some comments made about the looks of the whole mess.

But it was an adventure! 
(Ain't it always!)



What you need for the BOSTON CREAM POKE CAKE:

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