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Today I laughed...because I forgot to yesterday....

Have you ever just had one of those days where it seems like everything that can go wrong...does?
Yeah, well I am NO different! 

I had a late Saturday, with my which I said, I will have PLENTY of time tomorrow to bake an Eclair Cake for my Dad's birthday.


Of course.

Then, I wake up only to find that the jello pudding I placed on the counter in anticipation for my bake-off is in fact NOT Vanilla...but Cheesecake?


Why do I have cheesecake jello pudding anywhoo? 

This lead to an impromptu trip to the grocery store a mile jog down the road.

Sure, no biggie....except when you factor in the two kids who are rowdy, rambunctious and not into the whole "lets run to the grocery store real quick" bribe that this Mama had going for her.

Sure, right...sounds like a fantastic Sunday, Funday with Mom at the Grocery Store....

OK, no biggie. We get shoes on...scarfs...hats...coats..mittens and load into our semi-warm car for our jog up the road. The wind was …