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Life at Gray Gables - The FIRST Official MONTH (2013)

by: Kel Amstutz
November 01, 2013

Today we  have been officially living in OUR new house that is called Gray Gables (not a code name made up by us...) for exactly one month.  

It's really hard to believe how comfortable I feel within these walls.  I don't know exactly how to explain it, but I feel as if I am exactly where I am suppose to be.  Like, I have been seeking this place, this land, this house my whole life and I have finally connected with it. Kind of crazy. 

When I travel these roads, I can remember little things, bits and pieces, mostly from being little.  Traveling to my Aunt and Uncles to see my cousins.  

I LOVED it out here as a kid.  
So, all in all, I am adjusting just fine.  We are adjusting just fine. My kids love it out here too!  

KJ is four and very outdoor-sy! She loves to find walnuts and collect them in her bright pink bucket.  

Kit Kat, who is two, loves to copy her big sis. She tot'tles around the land and loves to explore just as much. 

This is somethin…