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How to Raise Chickens Cheaply

Our farm is getting ready to blossom, as we work on our research for chickens.  

My first question is, how much is this going to cost...right!   
Well, after looking at websites, books and talking to folks about their experiences, I think we might be able to pull off raising our chickens, wait for it...wait for it...cheaply!

How to raise chickens cheaply?

We have been talking about chickens for a while now, before we even moved out here to be honest.  This last year was just a little busy, what, with moving and getting situated, our oldest starting school and just plain l i f e.  

We were able to start somewhat of a garden this summer, I even got to enjoy some of the home grown veggies, so win, right!  

Next on our list though, was eggs, fresh eggsfrom our own chickens.

So, we set out to learn before putting up the cash.  

Here goes nothing..

To build or buy?
You have all seen the super fancy chicken coops out there, the ones with multi-level luxury.  I mean, we are going to love our chickens …

6 Tips for Keeping Chickens Warm in the Winter

Tips for Keeping Winter Chickens By: Kel Amstutz

Surviving Winter with CHICKENS...

This will be our first winterwith chickens and although it is kind of scary to think about. 
There are really only two things that are pretty critical to keeping our ladies alive and well during the cold, Ohio winter that is up and coming and that is: 

making sure they have access to water (and not a frozen block of ice) and a dry coop. 

We have been planning ahead to ensure that our six chicks survive and maybe even keep laying! 

Water is a very important factor with chickens, as it is an essential nutrient and a requirement to regulate a chickens body temperature, help with digestion, growth and yes, even producing those eggs. Lack of water access, even for a few hours can result in a major egg production drop for weeks. 

It is also important to note that chickens EAT MORE in the winter to help regulate their temperature and due to this they require more water to digest- if the water is frozen- your chickens will stop eating and will not be able to keep themselves warm. 

3 frozen water So…

Have Chickens? Avoid making these 15 MISTAKES!

At the beginning of the summer, our family became the proud owners of Chickens...(key the BANJO!) and so the farm life had begun.  We started with three (3) chickens that were about a year old (or so we were told), they were seasoned, which made it that much easier for us, the beginners.  A few days before the girls arrived, Hubby found a coop on CL that just needed a little work, for a tiny investment of $30. It was a real nice coop once he cleaned it all up.   We picked a spot in the yard and then, I come home from work one day and there are now three (3) chickens occupying our homestead.  I must say, if you are on the fence about getting chickens, they are super easy to care for. We are a little scared to handle them, as our chickens are not the friendliest bunch, but they come to us when we feed them and cluck when we talk to them. Basic chicken care is fairly simple as well. 
Like all living things, they need fresh food and fresh water daily. They like my kitchen scraps, which a…