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How to find your PASSION

At the end (and at the beginning) of the romantic-comedy, Pretty Woman, a man crosses the street and shouts to no one in particular, “Welcome to Hollywood! Everybody comes here has a dream. What’s your dream?”
When was the last time someone asked you about your dream? 
Do you remember your response?
I now ask you:  “What’s your passion?” 

How many times has someone asked you  that? 
If you think back to our youth, think about what the schools provide us... calendars/planners, which are essentially tools to help them stay organized or keep information given to them to meet objectives for class, right.  But, how many students use these same tools to:

Empower them to articulate their dreams?Pursue passions? Develop personal goals?Or, even simply arrange activities within their day to align these goals with said passions? 

What happens when we have a way to organize but lack the way to use it when we grow into adulthood, equipped with knowledge and skills to meet EVERYONE ELSE's GOALS but…