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Monday, March 13, 2017

Back to Bloggin' - This is my story (2017)

By: Kel Amstutz
March 13, 2017

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Guess who's back.... Back again... (Sorry, showing my old age with Eminem)

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I can honestly say that looking at the calendar today, I can not believe that it is already March.  Sometimes, (yea, maybe the older I get but hush) it seems like I blink, literally, and the year is half over already!  I used to blame it on the birthday mash at the beginning of the year, I mean, we have Dad's birthday in January, our oldest in February, my Uncle, my Brother and my Grandma in March, my Youngest in April, my Hubby in May - yikes... then it is calm for a bit. 

But, seriously, I can not get over that it is already March.  
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Life is good. 

I know that you all could see the struggle #itwasrealyall that I have been dealing with for the past year or so, trying to find my way in this life, trying to find my purpose.  I learned a great deal through the journey, which is amazing because honestly, it has made me that much more grateful #truestory. I honestly said, like to myself, but still...God, it is in you hands. 

Then I stopped. 

  • I stopped trying to find a job 
  • I stopped looking 
  • I just stopped and I trusted

Image result for crazyCrazy, right! 

It's OK if you think so, because at the time, I thought so myself, but what else could I do.  I knew that my purpose was more.  I knew that whatever I was suppose to be doing, I just was not.  And please, do not get me wrong, I was subbing, on a very part time basis, which was incredible.  I will never discredit that, because I had the time of my life, honestly.  

  • But, I wanted more.  
  • And I was not getting that part.  
  • And truth be told, going back to school to finish for my teaching cert was just not an option. 

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So I threw my hands up to the heavens and declared trust. 

Then...something fricken amazing happened.  I kid you not, here.  

I received a call, a call that I won't get into detail about, but one that put me back in a place that I had been once before.  A dream foreshadowed this call, in which my Grandpa was hinting towards this career move. I was ready (or so I thought) to go back into that life.  A life that works holidays, weekends, odd shifts and the whole mess. A life that did not work out to nice before, but one that I enjoyed the actual work and the placement was a place that I longed to be a part of. 

OK, cool.

But, then, I got another call...about a place that is literally 3 minutes from my house. A place that when I looked at the places I wanted to work, this would rank high.  A place that was offering part time hours with some adjustment with my kids placement, but still required weekends, holidays and odd hours. 


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If you don't know me, personally, here goes... I suck (like big time) at decisions.  I mean it is not just with life decisions either... My Hubby asks, "Where do you want to eat?" I will literally, every time say "I don't care" because I can not lock down one solid option. 

Annoying, right! 

Then... I get another call.  A position that I applied to a long while ago.  A position that when I read it, I could have sworn they wrote it for ME.  I position that I really did not feel confident that I would get picked for. That is saying something, right. 
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So, I got to said interview.  I nailed it.  I mean, honestly, it was not hard because the chemistry with everyone was spot on. The position at hand was something that I knew what right in my zone and the office felt like home. 

OK, now we are cooking with Crisco, right. But, I have two (2) other offers on the table. #decisionsdecisions

I am not guaranteed a job, even with the one I really want at this point. I have hoops to travel through.  I go for a physical for one of the other two positions, get home and then the position that I just interviewed for calls and wants to set up a second interview. Awesome, right.  Only, it is after I am suppose to start the 2nd position. Ut Oh. 

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I rolled the dice, literally.  (or asked the Magic 8 Ball) I regretfully declined position number one, whom I had heard nothing from in regards to a start date or formal offer, just verbal at this point.  I regretfully declined position number two.  And the biggest thing is that I did not think, really, about declining, where as I would have felt bad at any other time.  I felt that I was trusting in God. I was following his plan. That is the key. 

Needless to say, I nailed my Dream Job, literally.  I was offered the position on the spot, started right away and today is my one-month anniversary.  The best part is, no weekends, no holidays, I get to go home for my hour lunch EVERYDAY, it's super close to home and I wear jeans on Fridays! Seriously, I could not be happier.  And the people are amazing. It's unbelievable that I found my purpose and what God had put within my path that I just needed to trust and believe in. 

So, for me, life is good.  My kids, husband and family are all healthy.  Things are taking shape and I have a few goals to knock off the list by next year, that I think we will accomplish.  I am excited for this new journey that I am on and that is something sweet. 

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Of course, I have not forgotten about my Thrive business, I mean, who is not about looking and feeling great?  

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And Pink Zebra plays a huge role in who I am , as it litters my office, pleasant smells wafting through the halls! 


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