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Monday, August 1, 2016

5 Ways to Earn an Extra $2,000 a Month by Blogging

Making Money

5 Ways To Earn An Extra $2,000/Month By

August 01, 2016
by: Kel Amstutz 



I wanted to share a post today that could get some of you, who read the blogs, are curious about the blogs, are showing interest in starting your own blog, a chance to:


Many of you know that I have kept this little blog, Life at Gray Gables, since Fall of 2013. I started it in order to relieve my writing frustrations. I had so much data going on in my brain that it was literally leaking from my fingertips and begging to be typed out and I needed an outlet to...well, let it all free! 

 It wasn't until May of 2014 that I started getting serious about my blogging and things started to happen!

Let's face it though, blogging can, will be, and frankly, IS overwhelming

 It took me a good five (5) months of trial and error, and ramblings to get a good thing going...and even then, I have re-created myself over...and over again!  


What do I mean, I am sure you are asking yourself. 


Well, it took me about five (5) months to really figure out

  • my WHY 

  • my HOW 

  • and my PLAN

I had to fail in order to see how I wanted to go about my blog, and I also had to figure out some sort of automated routine to keep going forward

I had to figure out my posting schedule, the subjects that are important to me and what I needed to share with my readers, and the ways that I wanted to monetize my blog, when I finally got to that point

These items all turned out to become a BIG PART of my daily routine



When I started blogging, I really wasn't thinking about making a living blogging. I honestly didn't even know you could make a steady income from a little blog, let alone make $100,000/month blogging.

Yes, I put in the hard work, countless hours of research, and all of a sudden I found myself in a wonderful place

I get to write about things that I LOVE, I get to write about my Gray Gables, my family, our meals and recipes, our chickens and business and any other subject that tickles my funny bones along the way. I get to work whenever I want, from wherever I am at the moment, and I get to earn money around the clock. #thankyoureaders

When I wake in the mornings and check my stats, I get to see how much money I made overnight...while I slept...and that is the beauty of blogging



But, that being said, there is a lot that comes into play to creating and maintaining a good and/or successful blog.  

Today though, we are going to touch on the:

(& yes, I researched, I live by, and I use myself to grow my blogs!)

Grab a cup of joe and let's have a look/see:

Nope! I can't wait to be done with school in two weeks and then off to my dream job! Haters approval not needed! I have found something I love to do! It makes me happy to see I'm such an inspiration to all my haters :):
If you found this post interesting, I bet you’ll love checking out my other most popular posts:

1. Mediavine (Advertisement)
One of the easiest ways to monetize your blog is to Advertise. It just requires you to join a publishing company and depending on how the company works, you can earn money RIGHT AWAY. Usually these earnings will be based on the amount of page views that your blog gets per day and will process payment every month based on those stats.
There are so many different advertisement companies to choose from. The most known among bloggers would be Google Adsense
Let's be real for a moment, the payout for Adsense is not great, but jumping on with them for a few months helped me understand the process. A few months ago I decided to switch to MediaVine. Let me just say...hands down best decision ever and my earnings have been higher than ever also!
2. Bluehost (Affiliate Sales)
Another great way to earn money through your blog is through Affiliate Sales.
I use Bluehost's Affiliate Program and earn about $1,000 per month. 
This works by allowing me to share articles about how awesome blogging is and show that Bluehost is a great hosting company to be with (and they are!) and for each referral processes, I receive $65 from Bluehost.  What this breaks down to is that after people read my articles regarding blogging and they feel like they'd like to start their own blog, they can click on an affiliate link that will redirect them to Bluehost- where they will have to start if they want to create their own blog- and for every sign up, Bluehost gets via my blog, I get a commission! 
While I don't do sponsored posts often, I know that they can bring in some good cash
Sometimes people and companies will reach out and present an article or idea, and sometimes I will write one for them.  The pricing is different depending on one or the other, but in general- at this point in my blogging career, I charge around $30 per sponsored post. This is due to the fact that I do not do these often. I know other bloggers charge upwards of $100 per sponsored post, so it really just depends on the situation and where you are in your blogging profession!
5 Ways to Shine at Sponsored PostsIt can be easy to get a handful of sponsored posts in one month and it can also be easy to make between $1,000 and $2,000 per month just by sponsored post writings. 
The reasons that I do not do many sponsored posts is because I am pretty picky on content and subjects and will only write about things in which I have tried and believe in. It makes no sense to me to write a posting about a topic that I am unfamiliar with, but have done some research on. I like to keep it real and focus my creativity on a library of knowledge and resources in which I use and know. 
So, point in hand, it might be a great avenue for you, and while I do not dismiss writing sponsored posts, it might not always be a good fit with your blogs overall message. 
4. eBook
Here is an area of expertise for me. 
I am a writer. 
I love writing and have several eBook publications out there on the world wide web. 
Writing an eBook can be time consuming, especially when trying to deliver a quality product to your audience. I have some space out there and each one took a lot of time and editing to ensure that it was ready for my readers, with more to come. 
eBooks can be listed for $20 and can bring, on average, $3,000 a month just on that one book, and this is on top of other income sources.  
To say the possibilities are endless in the eBook realm is clearly a gross understatement.
 Here is my most popular eBook! 

I strongly recommend my eBook, The Social Media Manager Kit by Kel (w/ bonus) in order to get you started. It will include templates for emailing potential clients or those you landed a completed job with, it will allow you to focus and challenge you to keep moving forward. 

This life, working at home, being financial free and with my family, is something that I used to dream about

  • I am living it. 
  • I am loving it. 
  • I am making it my life! 

Need More Help?  

Check out my eBook, Make your Dream a Reality in 30 Days or Less! - a jump start guide with templates to get you ready, set and ROCKING this Social Media Manager gig! 
5. eCourse
I will be the first to say that this one can be a bit scary, but I have heard that it is beyond rewarding!
I know several bloggers who have launched an eCourse and easily made $100,000 in their first month!  The opportunities are limitless when it comes to creating an eCourse, but it definitely requires WAY MORE work than just writing a sponsored post.
You will have to make instructional videos and work sheets. You will need to create the framework for people to follow your eCourse. 
Yes, a ton of work, but I can see how rewarding it would be to help someone on their journey.   I have been brainstorming on an eCourse idea, and while it is currently not high on my list, it is definitely something that I want to create and share in the near future! 

And, there you have it!  5 Ways that you can earn some SERIOUS MONEY just by blogging. Honestly, there are SO MANY OTHER WAYS, beyond these, but here are the MOST FUN and MOST REWARDING ones. Once you set these up, they literally turn into passive money making income sources that you simply have to manage from TIME to TIME. 
And, understanding that your AUDIENCE makes this happen, seriously, they deserve a hand!!  
So a huge #thankyou to my readers for making my life possible, and here's to hoping that in the near future I can get on those eCourse ideas and help make this YOUR life too! 



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