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The 3 S’s To Making Stuff Happen for YOUR Business & for YOU

By: Kel Amstutz The 3 S’s to Making STUFF Happen for YOUR Business & for YOU

Do YOU have BIG DREAMS for your business...but you hear yourself saying...
"How can I make this happen?" 
You are not alone in this thinking. Everyone gets stuck sometimes, but the thing about making what you want to happen in your business is that you NEED to be strategic about it. 
Here are 3 things that you have got to do when you are planning a new income goal or creating your money mindset

You should already be asking yourself questions about what your goals are.  Now, it's time to GET SPECIFIC with your goal(s).   Do not do anything else other than get specific, and I mean really specific
Allow yourself to DREAM BIG and be 100% honest with what you want to make happen. 
Don't just say 'I want to make a sale this month' or 'I want to have more money.'   Say, 'I want to make 5 sales this month', 'I want to make $5,000 from my business this month…