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Parenting 101 : Your Kids New Found Independence

The "Do-It-Myself" Guide  to get you through the  Independent Ages!

My girls are getting older. 
With that comes  this independence, this “I can do it” attitude this fight to have the power to control their own situations.  
There is a fine line here as a Parent. Do Icorrect my child for “flexing her muscles” and taking that tone with me -or- do I back up a little, give her some room and brush it off? 

On top of the tone/coming close to breaching respect thing comes the fact that, 
Well, Mom, your baby is growing up. 
Tissues please!  

But, in either case, it is time for your kiddo to gain some sense of independence, whether we like it or not!

Here are some simple steps toward the independence ladder by age:

Age 2- it is time to work on the nose blowing. 
The best way, as I have found and talk to other Moms, is to ask your child to blow out through their mouth, like she is blowing out her birthday candles on her cake!  Then, have her close her lips and blow through her nose. Remember, p…