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PERSONAL POST: A great day for a PARK n' SHINE... (2015)

Today we gathered up the kids and headed out in the "old car" to the 28th annual Park n' Shine.  It was a "cool" day for the cruise across town!  
We loaded up the family, a little picnic lunch, and a car full of enthusiastic, kinda!

Let's see...Hubby only got two hours of sleep(he worked the night before).... the girls were TIRED...because they had to get up entirely TOO early for a SUNDAY...and Mama had to get up even earlier than the FAM to get things ready to GO and make sure we did not forget anything, especially since we were going to SOCCER for Miss Six's first game right, smack, dab in the middle of the day. 

But, with a little grumpy spell, the car was running good, we got her clean, made it to the show, had a hot dog and a Police Officer bought our girls Fries, which was super nice..because this Mom and Dad do not carry cash and only had enough $$ for the dogs (opps!) 

Now it is TIME to pay it forward because to be …