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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Your going to want THIS!

It's Saturday. I get wake up, probably more towards the afternoon...(unless you have kids!) and you just want to chill

But, you have stuff to do...clean up the kitchen...dishes...laundry...vacuum the floors...the list goes on. 
Been there, done that!  

YOU get finished and are literally exhausted.. So much for a relaxing weekend, especially if you work full time M-F... and your house now smells like the pine of the forest...thanks to the mopping that HAD to happen. 

a) leave, you have errands to run anywhoo.
b) light a candle and let it burn.
   SPRINKLED! (duh!)

Pink Zebra lady calling. 

Oh, you haven't heard of Pink Zebra before...or you have but it's not popular like that "other" brand.... I am here to tell you... 
Seriously, if you haven't heard about PZ, I'm here to SHOW you how amazing these products are. 

Our products are called SPRINKLES, a soft soy cleaner, consistent burning product that burns 30% longer than those "other" products, is earth friendly and the best part is that it is made by USA Farmers!, our products DO NOT stop at the Sprinkles!  


We offer adorable shades that are interchangeable

Switch up your life with a simple switch up of your shade, not your whole unit! 
We offer a Go Card, which can hang from your mirror of your car (or where ever you would like) and can be refilled with soak up to 50 times! 

And who can forget our adorable Woolies?  You use the soak and discretely fill your classroom with the strong scent to cut that stubborn, stuffy odor! 
If you think that you might want to join our awesome team, earning a full time income with a part time business, there is a great incentive to get started today...

Or simple host a party and earn great host rewards!
You can also just SHOP!

I am here to make your home smell amazing, your car smell great and

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