How to find your PASSION

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At the end (and at the beginning) of the romantic-comedy, Pretty Woman, a man crosses the street and shouts to no one in particular, “Welcome to Hollywood! Everybody comes here has a dream. What’s your dream?”

When was the last time someone asked you about your dream? 

Do you remember your response?

I now ask you: 
What’s your passion?” 

How many times has someone asked you 

If you think back to our youth, think about what the schools provide us... calendars/planners, which are essentially tools to help them stay organized or keep information given to them to meet objectives for class, right.  But, how many students use these same tools to:

  • Empower them to articulate their dreams?  
  • Pursue passions?  
  • Develop personal goals? 
  • Or, even simply arrange activities within their day to align these goals with said passions? 

What happens when we have a way to organize but lack the way to use it when we grow into adulthood, equipped with knowledge and skills to meet EVERYONE ELSE's GOALS but our own. #truestory

From here, if we think about our fears...the deepest fears we can have is that we are inadequate, but in reality the deepest fears that we actually have is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is said that the light is what frightens us most. That undying question, "Who am I supposed to be?" when we mean to ask "Who are we not to be?"

When we start to discover passion within ourselves, we can hit a road block due to the difficultly of that feeling of being HAPPY.  Life transitions can forge a could of discern within us and make us question paths, motives and cause us to be unable to move forward entirely. 

Here are some steps to help find your passion...launch a new beginning and fill your life with meaning and purpose: 

  • Create a Vision Board.  A vision board is a personal display of pictures and phrases of ideas, experiences, and desires that you wish to experience. When you surround yourself with inspiring words and images, you become more welcome to new ideas and exiting possibilities in your life. I call this the "Happy Place!" Awesome2
  • Make a list.  What do you like to do?  What is enjoyable?  Think about what you did as a child, as childhood memories remind us of all the things we loved to do and caused great joy. 
  • Write Positive Affirmations.  Find the positive by focusing on the intention of what you want to experience. Affirmations are always stated in present tense, they are personal and specific to you.  
  • Begin a gratitude journal. A daily gratitude practice fills you with joy and shifts your focus from what you do not have to appreciation for all of the gifts in your life. What talents do you possess? What personal skills would you like to sharpen?
  • Record your passions in a notebook. How do you want to make a difference in the world?  What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? Keep a notebook near your bed or in your purse. Wonderful opportunities or new ways of doing things often unexpectedly arrive to us in random thoughts. Make notes about ways you can pursue your passions.
  • Do something you love every day. You may not have the resources to quit your job or abandon responsibilities to pursue your passion. Focus on the time you have; not the time you do not have within your day.
  • Network with others. Find a group with members who share your passions and interests. Many groups and organizations have well-organized and detailed directories that promote special events and attract new members. Meet-up groups offer opportunities for like-minded individuals with shared passions to gather together. Local libraries, local community centers, and on-line networking groups provide information and resources that connect individuals to inspire and motivate one another.
  • Enroll in classes.  Leaf through course catalogs and pay attention to the course titles that capture your interests. Colleges, local community centers, and libraries often offer a variety of courses and workshops that allow you to explore your passions at no or limited costs.

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To be successful, we must begin our journey with a passion. 

We can not allow others or circumstance to steer us away from pursuing our passions. Make a commitment to yourself and your passion and don't lose sight of that

Are you up for the challenge? 

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