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5 Tips for Stay at Home Moms

Being that my life is about to be a bit more flexible (details to come) - I am reaching out to all the stay at home Mommy's out there!  

How To: Get Happy Right Now!

Faith, Lessons on Working, Stay at Home Moms
by: Kel Amstutz

Are you happy? Are you struggling? Maybe a mix of both?Learning HOW to be happy with yourself, in the moment is a great gift. Each moment, including the present is a gift. If you are not happy with yourself, your body, your family balance, your financial situation, you can become insecure. If you think that you are not good enough you will begin to fear rejection, feel lonely, and take on many other negative thoughts. 


Let's go with self esteem. You are not happy with your body. You think you are too fat, or perhaps too skinny.  You see a flabby tummy, or stretch marks.  If we use this example, this mindset, you are unhappy with your body, OK. What does that do to you?  Well, you might be jealous of others. You might find yourself worried that you are not attractive enough to keep your spouse, or maybe you will feel that your body will affect intimacy. 

If you are not happy with your body, you might …

How To Make Your Blog Go Viral

Blogging, Lessons on working, Stay at Home Moms

by: Kel Amstutz

Last year, I posted a blog post that went viral. (much to MY surprise!) 

Today, I still see traffic in the thousands (on a daily basis) and from that one article! 

Since then, I have had a few more blog posts that are getting shared in the thousands.  The internet is filled with different niches that cater to different interests.  In today's internet landscape, it is a MUST as a blogger, that you formulate a strategy that CAN make your posts go VIRAL. 

Why is vitality or contagious content important today?  

Social media has become a staple in the attitude of online users. What this means is that with more shares and likes, more people can get to see your blog and be exposed to your brand. 

So how do you go about doing this? 

Know your Niche if You Want to to VIRAL

One of the best ways to turn a blog post viral is to know your audience, know their interests and their likes. You may even go the extra mile and create a really c…