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5 Tips for Stay at Home Moms

Being that my life is about to be a bit more flexible (details to come) - I am reaching out to all the stay at home Mommy's out there!  

Part 2 : 5 More ways to Earn Money from Home - Side Hustle

5 Ways to Earn an Extra $500 Per Month From Home

Making money from home is such an awesome feeling. It’s great to be able to contribute to your family’s financial situation from the comfort of your home. And it’s also great that there are online jobs that will fit just about every single personality.

If you’re looking to make some extra cash here are:

Five ways to make an extra $500 per month from home!

1. Become a Search Engine Evaluator Search engine evaluators are hired by search engines like Google to verify the accuracy of certain search engine results. These jobs typically pay around $10-$12 per hour which would mean you’d need to work 50 hours per month to earn the extra $500.

You can sign up for search engine evaluator jobs through places like LeapForce. 2. Sell Crafts on Etsy I just put in my first Etsy order last month and I am in love. I also spent way, way more money than I normally would for two reasons.  First, I loved the product and couldn’t find it anywhere else.  And sec…