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How to ROCK this Social Media Manager Gig

Friday, February 19, 2016
How to ROCK this Social Media Manager Gig

Hi all!  

As many of you have read, I have recently completed my eBook for The Social Media Manager Kit by Kel (yours truly) and wanted to make sure that Sweet Tea & Business focuses on making the Social Media Manager Gig you get ROCK! 

Social Media Management is one of the most in-demand freelance skillstoday. 
It may go by the name (alias) - community manager, social media content writer, brand manager, social media strategist - but many of the tasks, training and personality traits are the same a crossed the board.  This field has a low barrier to entry and is often requires "on the job" training due to the diversity within the jobs.

If you have what it takes, can provide a broad skill set, and a positive, can-doattitude with willingness to learn- well MOVE over because you are likely to ROCK this Social Media Manager gig with more work than you can possibly handle.

The SCOOP- What does it take to be a Soci…

Make your DREAM a Reality in 30 Days or Less!

Are you finding yourself dreaming more than doing? Are you trying to focus on that brick and mortar job that you make your way to everyday, wishing...praying...hoping for a change?Do you often find yourself day dreaming about what it would be like to be your own boss?How about pay off old college debt or credit cards?
Well, I have a great eBook that will help you find your dreams, stay on the path and make them your life!

ThiseBookfeatures printable worksheets, a guide and just what you need to build your brand and turn that dream into reality!

Why wait?  

Make it happen!

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The NEW eBook is here! Make your DREAM a Reality in 30 days or less!

BUSINESS POST : Start Up: Simplify your Products

Why you need to simplify your Products! 
by: Kel Amstutz

We are all about simplicity in this world and truth be told, it really does work, especially when it comes to products and programs. 

When you overwhelm your audience with many options, potential customers and clients might have trouble differentiating between one program and another. 

In your first year of business, you, like most people, will make mistakes. You will learn through trial and error. 

This is good, but I want to help you not make the mistake of producing similar products and losing sales because of the confusion effect.

When you are creating products and/or programs make sure that your target audience can understand how one product is different from another.

People want to know what your solution is to what they need, exactlyThey need to know that they made the right choice. 

If you overwhelm people...they don't know which option to choose and more times than none...will choose to walk away instead of buy one of yo…