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Growing Up Duggar: It's All About Relationships

by  Jill DuggarJinger DuggarJessa DuggarJana Duggar

I am reading "Growing up Duggar: It's all about Relationships".  This book is written through the eyes of the Duggar's Oldest girls, Jill, Jinger, Jessa and Jana.  I am only into the first few chapters and already I love this book.  It is very inspirational and uplifting, and if you watch the Duggar's, you can really see where their views stand, in comparison with how America is, in today's day.

Growing Up Duggar: It's All About Relationships

I love the show. I must preface with the fact that I am not a Christian. I really have no denominational standing, I was baptized Lutheran and believe in God's pray and word, but have no practiced during my adulthood. I do, however, have a lot of faith and can only hope that my girls have some of the same morals and values that these girls hold true. They are very smart in their craft and very intelligent in regards to how they want to live their lives and I give them nothing but my utmost respect for their beliefs.  If anything, I think they I would love to aspire to live like this family, minus the 19 kids though. (I will gladly keep the 2 I have, ONLY!)

I have been a fan of the show for years now and admire what Michelle and Jim Bob have done, finding God and asking him to show them the way.  In the end, it has led them to success, a debt free life and a great, moving television show.  I laugh because it is referenced by the Girls that they do not even watch the show, or T.V. for that matter!

In my personal life, I have looked up to them, using their guidance to show my own family the way to finding a debt free lifestyle.  I have read Michelle's tips, used God's prayer and am happy to say that Hubby and I are almost there. It is a huge relief and weight that is lifted and the closer that we get, the better we both feel about our purpose in this life that we share with our children.

But, we are also a traditional American family and watch way to much T.V.  We enjoy the finer things in life, like lots of those T.V.'s, cable in all the bed rooms, new clothes, and material things, computers, tablets, phones, etc.  But that does not mean that I still do not send my well wishes to my God to ask him to continue to show me the way in all that I do, as well as a simple prayer for my Hubby and my children.

I can not wait to get further into this book (I just started on Saturday) as I am finding it moving and motivating and very spiritual for my personal soul. It is uplifting to see the girls life, through their eyes. I think that through the years, they have received some backlash about the way they are raised and the notion that they are raising the younger children, which they do not deny. I think it is fascinating to see the responsibilities that God has entrusted in them and how they deal with what they are faced with. Sometimes it is another person's  word that can bring your own reflections out.

I hope to have this book completed by next week, to share more about what I have learned in my journey of reading. If you are looking for a book to read that is light and easy, yet so empowering and interesting, this is your book. I would encourage all to check this one out and see the world through a different mindset.

Book Information:

In a rare look inside America’s favorite mega-sized family, the four eldest girls talk about their faith, their dreams for the future, and what it’s like growing up a Duggar.Airing weekly throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, 19 Kids and Counting has made the huge Duggar family into a media phenomenon. The Duggar children are frequently asked, “Tell the truth; do you really agree with the lifestyle your parents have created for you?” Now, the four eldest Duggar girls—Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger—open up about the blessings and advantages of living the Duggar lifestyle.

With a backdrop of the key relationships in their lives—relationship with self, parents, siblings, friends, boys, and God—the four Duggar girls open up about their own personal faith and convictions, boys, dating, manners, living in a large family, politics, and much more. You’ll learn how the family navigates the difficult years between twelve and sixteen and what the girls look for in a man, all in a frank and fun book that will inspire teens and adults alike. Including lighthearted stories about the younger kids’ antics, Growing Up Duggar is a wise and entertaining trip into a family like no other.

Just a REVIEW:

I must say, I personally really enjoyed this book. It offered insight into the Duggar family from their view point---literally each chapter of the book was written from the viewpoint of one of the four girls which made the book feel conversational. Just as if you were sitting down with the girls over coffee and having a chat about various topic and views. For me, this book also felt somewhat devotional in nature at times, which I thoroughly enjoyed. this book made me think and reevaluate different areas of my life, which is the intended purpose as explained by the girls throughout. Overall, I very much enjoyed the book and would recommend and pass it along to others in my circles and offer it as suggested reading in my library.
So, check this one out, let me know what you think!  Let's read it together!!!
Thanks and Happy Reading all!

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