Wednesday...H U M P D A Y- What are you doing to get over the HUMP?

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Get over the HUMP already!

I am working hard to get this week over with already! It has been one of "those" weeks, c'mon, you know the ones I am talking know, when you can't wait to get it over with!

I am so ready for Friday. Isn't that sad?  I have this ritual, every week I count down to Friday. I seriously live my life like this- one big countdown!

I have been counting down to Sunday's lately, which is even more depressing. I hate Sunday's. In my opinion, they are just as bad as Mondays! I guess my perception changed when the reality became that this day is the only day the I get a full/work free day with my Hubby! How sad! 

We call it "Family Day" for good reason! It is the only day that we are all home together, even if Hubby does sleep till the afternoon. He gets up in time for late lunch and by 5:00p we are getting ready for dinner, bath time and shortly after its time for bed. Then it is a spin and repeat for the next day. 

Schedules can be awesome, I suppose. Ours has moved and gained wiggle room, but it is still a schedule at the end of the day. A schedule to get us through each day till we end up on  a weekend. At least this weekend will be a 3 day for me! Hallelujah! I am so ready for a little break. I am taking our girls to Imagination Station with my Brother, who is in town from California! The girls are so excited. 
Breaking our routine once again! 

How do you get over the HUMP?  I think that this is a valid question. I know that others that I work with go through the same rinse and repeat schedule that my family does, but how do you find ways to switch it up? 

I have put together a small list of what we do each night, to make it fun, and exciting for my little ladies. I want them to have as much fun as kids as we can produce, safely of course!  (If my girls had their way, they would probably jump off the house! literally!!)

(These are "Girl's Night" activities- since it is a house full of girls at night! ;)

Monday :  Shower Spa... We handle trimming nails, painting piggies, trimming bangs is need be, and a nice relaxing soak in the foot bath (with peppermint foot bath salt from The Body Shop!) It is also Shower night or a relaxing bubble bath for my almost 3 yo.

Tuesday : Play your butt off Tuesday... it means what it says- these girls play their hearts out, after bath, until 8:15p- which is bedtime and trust me they are READY!

Wednesday :  Poppin' corn movie fun! We snuggle in bed of choice and pick a movie and eat popcorn. (we do this after bath because someone always falls asleep!)

Thursday : Fashion Show Thursday...walk the runway in one of the exciting dress up options that these girls have. They try on outfit after outfit and model it. We play music and have the Karaoke machine up and running with the stage set!
Friday :  Free for All Friday, it is the end of the week and my girls are usually walking Zombies! I let them just hang out, watch whatever they choose, play with what they want and chill until they are ready for bed. (I should note that they are always* ready by 8:15p with the exception of little one who parties until she drops!)

Saturday and Sunday are laid back. We try to all eat dinner together on Sunday and Daddy will join them for a movie and snacks. 

Childhood happens so fast that I hope we are making memorable memories! I try to keep calm and encourage as much play time and fun for them to use their imaginations as I can. 

I hope these little things help them get over the hump as well!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
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