Friday FUNDAY!!!

It's a Funday Friday in our world today!

Today it was a great, FUN day! Have you ever had a day that is so great that you can not help but scream it from the tops of the roofs? 

  We got up early (after a rough night with my 2yo) and got ready, had breakfast and headed out to my Mom's, because it was an Imagination Station Day!!! We had our tickets for Titanic (the exhibit) and the girls were dying from excitement of being able to play in the Kids Korner!!

  We get to the center, grab our boarding passes for 11:30 a.m. to board the Titanic. Ok, it wasn't what I expected at all, but hey, my person lived! So did both my girls. Unfortunately, my Brother and Mom parished with the ship. 

   This was the point that my 5yo was seriously board out of her mind. It was cool to see the artifacts and so forth, but at the same time, it was not worth the $22.00 admission. 

  We then headed to the Kids Korner, where they have a Grocery Store (SuperMarket to my girls), a Doctor's Office with ambulance out front, a firetruck, tree house, little play house and burning house that goes to the fire truck.  They had a blast, which makes it worth it!

  Lunch came next, in which both girls must've been so hungry because their Mac N Cheese was the BEST! 

  We saw a few more exhibits and energy was once again starting to drain, out of the adults, so it was time to head on home. 

  It was a great day, my 2yo was exhausted by the time we made it home and was a cranky mess the rest of this afternoon, but all in all, it was a Great Day!

  I love days like this! It is great to know that we are making so many wonderful memories for my babies! And, not to mention, time with my brother, their Favorite Uncle! (ok, so what if he is the only one that they have!)

  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

  Signing Off~~~


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