Thursday...It's time for Spring Cleaning!!!

Is your life full of clutter?

How about your home?

It's about that time when it's out with the old, in with the new.. Or without the new, as my Hubby thinks that getting rid of things means just that, it is time to discard and that does not, in any way, shape -or- form mean to replace!


Every Spring we go through this process.  It is the pree-mo time to dust, de-clutter and just get down and dirty with those dust bunnies.  A lot of people take this opportunity to weed through friends and family and separate from the negative ones in their lives. 

After all, this is the time of the year when we are re-emerging from the cold and upon resurface, we want positive and happy to surround us, don't we? Clean and sparkly help too!

So, this brings the next big question, where do you start? Ugh, it can be so overwhelming! I mean, for us personally, we just moved into this old farm house, it isn't even finished and I have dust...boy do I ever! I have drywall dust that seems to re-settle 2 minutes after I dust off anything, and frankly, it leaves me discouraged! (I mean, really, how many times can I dust the end table by the couch? Once, Twice, by the third time I am walking the heavy iron and wood table right out the front door and bidding it a good riddance!)

This is where I would like to share my "list" of how I prioritize my home for spring cleaning. (Hey there impatient friend, I will get to the "list" on people in your life shortly!)

Life at Gray Gables Spring Cleaning List 2014

I like to work from the ground up, so naturally, we should begin with the Floors.  This is when I vacuum like a crazy woman.  Vacuum carpets, including under furniture - this is important because it is Spring Cleaning!  I also get out my trustee old Bissell carpet cleaner and scrub a dub. I want clean here people!  With our hard woods, there really is NO hope to save them, but I will get out my Orange Glo anyways and give them my best shot. You won't be able to see yourself in them, but I will make sure you can at least eat off of them, ya know, if need be..gross.

Next we move to those pesky lamps and light fixtures. Yes, you do need to take down the glass sconces or shades and clean them! Warm, soapy water does the trick and will eliminate those dust bunnies that you know you will let sit until we redo this process in the fall. 

Curtains is our next hurdle. Take them down, hand wash them if you can or send them off to the dry cleaner (wait, do we have those anymore.. just kidding!).  Move onto those blinds. I try to battle these bad boys with a damp cloth and my attachment on the vacuum, but it that doesn't work, I have test and proves to be tried and true, take them outside, hang them from a ladder and blast them with your garden hose! I use a little bleach water if they are turning colors and seems to bring them right back! (If all else fails, run to Walmart and pick up new ones- they are like $4!)

Let's talk furniture! I get debris off my furniture with another attachment on my good old vacuum.  But, when you have two kids, under the age of six, let's face it, my microfiber couch is gross! This is where a mix of dawn dish soap and hot water come into play with a scrub brush and I scrub the heck out of it! You also need to note that when vacuuming, lift up the cushions, I guarantee there are crumbs!  (Ours are not from my kids but from Hubby and his tortilla chip obsession!)

Now, we are getting onto the fun stuff!  Let's open those cabinets! You know what happens next....empty them!  Warm water and a cloth works well to wipe out the inside, then place all the stuff back on in. Check expiration dates when you are sending back to its resting spot. 

Then it is all about dusting, my favorite thing to do...not! My Tip is pretty obvious, but work you rooms dust from top to bottom. Also, focus on those spots that you would normally just skip. You know the ones, like the ceiling! (We have a coffeted ceiling in the new house and I have yet to tackle this task... dreading it!) Don't forget the tops of your cabinets and ceiling fans! 

Next is take all bedding off and wash it all, comforters and the whole nine yards! Even pillow cases and throw pillow covers!  It is important to get rid of those allergens!
This is the time to vacuum your mattress too.  Tip: Sprinkle mattress with baking soda and let it sit for a few hours. Vacuum up the baking soda, flip the mattress is need be and you are so fresh and so clean..clean..

Safety first?  Check those smoke alarms and make sure they will work when you really need them! 

When is the last time you looked down at those baseboards?  Ugh, i just did and found the one reason I love having a bulldog...  Time to clean them with a little warm water and my famous blue dawn!

While I am at the baseboards, I should probably wash walls too! Let's De-cobweb while were at it! Kill a few birds with my one stone here!

Last but not least, it is the time to wash the windows!  Vinegar and Water helps to thoroughly clean windows both inside and out!

On top of all of this, it is important to handle all your ordinary cleaning task too! I use this opportunity to sprinkle my favorite carpet freshener on the carpets and smell the clean air!

What about those people in your life that you are just questioning their place?

 Spring Fever is in full effect for you.  You have the house cleaned, top to bottom and now it is onto the your relationships, too!  So how do you clear stagnant energy and freshen it up with the more important relationships in your life?

Well, start with assess what you have.  Go through and figure out what you want to keep and what needs to be stored or thrown out, kind of like what you do in your closet from time to time! 

Then we need to realize what, in our relationships are we cluttering when we aren't communicating?  This means that you have to take the meaningful relationships and ask yourself if there is something important that you are withholding, if so, it is time to clear the air and say what needs to be said.  You should also make sure that you invite others to do the same, and let everyone speak openly.

Now, spread healthy boundaries. Take those relationships that you intend on keeping, you communicated any issues, and now it is time to set new boundaries in order to learn to say no in the relationship in order to maintain integrity. 

From here, find a balance. The best example is: You have many deep conversations with friends,but not a lot of fun, maybe it is time to manifest some new friends to go out on the town with. When we add a variety of spice to life, we find we are the happiest, especially with a well rounded variety of friendships. 

Now we show love and gratitude to those around you.  But, it is important to remember that the mess will build again if you do not maintain putting in work by assessing, communicating, setting healthy boundaries, finding balance and showing love all year long. 

This helps you be surrounded with better adjusted relationships!

What about Spring Cleaning and your Health?

 Alright, listen up!  It's time to move it, move it!  Move your body!  You owe it to yourself to find a fun, enjoyable way to move your body this Spring. 

Start exercise slowly. Then, let's stay consistent!  You should have your workout clothes by the bed to make it easier for yourself to throw them on and move. Try making an appointment for yourself in your calendar, to make sure you follow through. 

Now, let's talk diet! Spring is always the time when we start with the diet plans.  Have to look good in our bathing suits, right! (duh!)

I am not an advocate for diet pills. I believe in sticking with healthy meal choices and exercise. (I used to be a Beach Body Coach and really want to dive back in -missing Shakeology so much in my diet!)

So, some tips are to keep your food choices simple. Try whole, unprocessed foods, take out sugar and reduce your portion sizes. If it comes from a packet, toss it out! Try high fiber choices like Brussels Sprouts, broccoli and kale, and fruit with the skin still on. 

If you squeeze a fresh lemon into a glass of warm water it will help stimulate your liver and increase your stomach acids. 

You also need to drink 8-  8 ounce glasses of water per day. This will help boost metabolism.

It can be argued that you would be on the right path if you eliminate sugar from your diet completely. Look through your pantry and read your labels!  If there is more than 3 grams per 100 grams of sugar, toss it! 

If you cut out sugar, you will lose weight and start feeling better than you have before.

Happy Thursday All and Happy Spring Cleaning for your house, mind, body and soul!




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