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Sell Products or Services… Can I Do Both?

Business Support, Digital Products, Packaging Information

by: Kel Amstutz

I have attracted a lot of people who areinterested in creating digital products.


Well, simply put- - because they are FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!

I mean, let's think about it...
There is no inventory.You can sell digital products all day and ALL night.You can sell digital products in the summer or in the winter months.

Digital products and services can definitely go hand

When is The Last time You Level-Up'd?

Business Support, Lifestyle
by: Kel Amstutz

So, once upon a time... I started this blog, you know the one...Life at Gray Gables back in 2011. 
Sure, I was full of content but I wasn't really clear on 
what I wanted to dowho my audience waswhat my brand could beor even what mission I was on
It was, in my own words, my Hobby blog. 

It was not a business.

It was something that I dedicated my heart and soul to, put my passion into, but I was putting my words on the computer screen, not really thinking about building anything...BIGGER than that.

I was not navigating my ship.

I was not being the captain. 

I was just a passenger, looking into the ocean for a landing see where I would end up...what kind of opportunities might...or might not happen.

I wasextremely passive and taking an extremely passive approach.  In the end, I just floated around. I had high hopes of what I wanted my blog(s) to be...but trying to build them in order to build an income seems like it was a mirage.   

So, I s…