Baby, its COLD outside...especially when you run out of Propane- UGH!

We really SUCK at this!  This is our first time not having natural gas and we are really dropping the ball!  Today, while I am at work, with my toasty heater blasting under my desk keeping me super comfy, Hubby calls to tell me he had BAD news... I love when I get these calls- to many to count since we got this house.

Then, he says, WE RAN OUT OF PROPANE and they can't come fill it for 1-10 days- SAY WHAT?  I am like, seriously.  OK, so the dry erase board with all the TO DO stuff has read, CHECK PROPANE for over two weeks now.. Ugh.  Then the dreaded, "I don't know what to do?"  I love this statement!  Again, heard it to many times. 

Propane is at least ordered up.  The problem is Hubby thinks we ran it all the way down, which means we incurred more fees because we now have to have everything tested for leaks- my favorite statement lately is OH JOY!

He informs me that he is going to check some ads and pick up some heaters- gee George, I would hope so- right!

I go about my day in my toasty little world, and DAMN is it cold outside!

So finally end my day, get home to my chilly palace!  We have a heater running and it is still SO cold.  I go into the kitchen and want my coat. This SUCKS! 

Our second floor WAS a little warmer- we have 2 heaters running to keep the girls warmer and I put them in the fleece pj's and lots of extra blankies.  I am not having fun here.  I am freezing with a heater in our room and a dual heat electric blanket and I am still freezing.  I had to keep 1 heater downstairs to heat the dog!

I hope this is a mistake that WONT EVER BE REPEATED!  If nothing else, because ITS COLD OUTSIDE and I don't have a cuddle buddy...

Here's hoping they deliver propane tomorrow.  I guess its going to require more prayers, I am going to owe God big time!

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