Saturday's Things I like for Gray Gables from Pinterest

I am just looking at things on Pinterest and found this idea that I LOVE for our house!  I have a closet at my entryway (ok, so it is NOT finished - just a rough opening, no door, no rod, no floor besides original untreated wood- but it has a cheap hall tree that we are using for coats, so it works..) but I have an empty wall that I would like to put something on- I was thinking about a table- or drop zone for Hubby.  (He currently uses my kitchen table as a drop zone and its really annoying!)
But, I really like this..

hall storage furniture painted Benjamin Moore Wyeth Blue

I also found a pin for Yearly Organization at a glance- this idea is right up my ally!  I am dying to find a way to keep myself and our family organized.  This might be the ticket!

52 folders for each week of the year

A file folder for each week.  I think I might even be able to pull this off- maybe a 2014 project!  I purchased a NEAT system for our family last year and since the house project, I really havent put it to good use yet.  I did use it for receipts and so forth- but havent touched it since April.  I would love to use the NEAT system along with this system and know what comes next- scan bills that have been paid and DISCARD them and keep on track of everything!

I like this alot!!

More to come....
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