Vaccines- My point of view

I saw this alot, but to each their own.  I would like to start by saying that my views are my own.  I respect everyone's views, but I do not appreciate it when someone wants to preach their views and not respect anyone Else's.  That being said, I might get a little controversial here, but again, this is my view.  I am going to say the things others might not, and I will try to see everything from both perspectives.  Whether I am able to accomplish this, that is in the eyes of the reader.

So, I was at work the other day and I was at work talking to a fellow employee and friend.  She was saying something about the flu shot and it came up in conversation that a friend of hers does not believe in vaccines, period.  I know that there are a lot of people out there that believe that the vaccines cause autism.  I respect those opinions, although, as a mother, I too have read the reports and the reports and the reports, the latest stating that there is no link.  She went on to say that she had to stop her friend from preaching her no-vaccine views on her cousins wife, who is pregnant and just received the flu shot.  She said that the face her friend made at the news was of utter disgust.  This got me to think about it, from the perspective of a Mom who does not believe in vaccines.  This is very difficult for me, because I do believe in them.  I feel like as a child I was vaccinated.  I think that through modern medicine the doses that my kids are getting are probably better than that of which I was given.  The thing about it is, if my kids were not vaccinated, I feel like it would create a harder road for my kids.  I know that this was our first year of Pre-K and the vaccine chart was required, including 4 yo vaccines. Would they not take my kid if she were not vaccinated?  I know that next year, Kindergarten, requires vaccines.  Also, did you know that kids do not get Chicken Pox anymore? They are given a vaccine at 4 that prevents it.  That is crazy!  But, then when I asked the doctor, her reply was that the chance of kids getting them are 99.9%.  I, of course, ask what would the circumstances be that they could, in which her reply was a kid who is not vaccinated that gets them and spreads them.  Isn't that interesting?  I don't think I would want to be "THAT" parent!

I know there is a lot - A LOT - of controversy with the Flu Shot.  Now, this I can relate to.  I did NOT get my flu shot this year.  I have gotten my flu shot every year for 5 maybe even 6 years.  I got it religiously.  Last year, I got sick, then I got sick again, then I got so sick I thought I was going to die!  I vowed not to get it this year.  Hubby did not get it and guess what, he didn't even get sick. WHAT?  Now, that being said, I did get it for my kiddos.  They were swabbed this year and the only reason I did was because Miss 4 yo is sick all the time since starting PreK. Well, guess what, I am sick now- because of HER! And Hubby is too.  And the rest the family- Thanks Miss 4yo!

I just feel like when it comes to school and life, I am trying to protect my kids from Polio - could you image your child getting this debilitating disease? - Whooping cough- Measles, Mumps or Rubella?

I am a Mom.  I respect those Moms who are not vaccinating their kids, but I am a Mom who will.  I also will NOT preach to you what the right thing to do is, I honestly don't know what the RIGHT thing to do is, I just know what the right thing for my family is.  I have two healthy kids and can only base my opinion on that fact.  To each their own, these are just my thoughts.

I would like to close with the fact that research needs to be done to make the right decisions.  Just because the doctor says it needs to be done, ask questions, be prepared, ask about side effects, what you can do to ease the pain, what the vaccine does, etc.  I have a very new school pediatrics office and they work with me to educate me on what is happening at the next appointment, giving me fact sheets so I can do the research and the sheets even have a spot for questions.  The sheets are great because the vaccine names are on the sheet for further research.  They are also open to phone calls to answer questions, which eases my mind because I have had questions.  With my first, I had questions from the first stick in the hospital, in which they had to bring my OB in because the nurses were unable to answer my questions, instead they just wanted to put that first stick in the age old bucket of that is procedure. Well, it needed to be explained to this new Mama.

~To Each Their Own~

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