Life at Gray Gables - The FIRST Official MONTH (2013)

by: Kel Amstutz
November 01, 2013

Today we  have been officially living in OUR new house that is called Gray Gables (not a code name made up by us...) for exactly one month.  

It's really hard to believe how comfortable I feel within these walls.  I don't know exactly how to explain it, but I feel as if I am exactly where I am suppose to be.  Like, I have been seeking this place, this land, this house my whole life and I have finally connected with it. Kind of crazy.  

When I travel these roads, I can remember little things, bits and pieces, mostly from being little.  Traveling to my Aunt and Uncles to see my cousins.  

I LOVED it out here as a kid.  

So, all in all, I am adjusting just fine.  We are adjusting just fine. My kids love it out here too!  

KJ is four and very outdoor-sy! She loves to find walnuts and collect them in her bright pink bucket.  

Kit Kat, who is two, loves to copy her big sis. She tot'tles around the land and loves to explore just as much. 

This is something for a Mom to watch. To see their curiosity, their adventurous side, their love for nature. 

The second floor of the house is pretty much complete and it feels like a "new" house when we are up there.  The girls rooms are purple- different shades, but from the same paint card! This is hilarious to me because it was a random pick - were in Lowe's and I let these crazy girls have at it.  

It is, after all, their rooms! 

I felt, as did Jason, that it was important to let them have a say in this whole process- and what a process it has been.  So therefore, we are in Lowe's, KJ picks her card, a light lilac.  Kit Kat picks her card, a lighter lilac- upon further inspection, they are the same darn cards!  Hilarious!!

But, after nearly two years, we made it here.  

I might not have a finished kitchen, I am lacking a stove, my laundry room is cold and dark and has an 1892 wood floor- but we are here, making it work and living!  

Give me a single burner and a Nu-wave oven and I can cook it all- or attempt to!!!

As for our day today, quiet and very chill.  The weather outside is frightful, forecast is cold and windy! We still haven't gone trick-or-treating- no joke! 

It was re-scheduled for Sunday. 

We are now counting down to Sunday- which rocks when I have a 5 day weekend- although this little countdown is making it fly... Not cool.

But we are getting over colds and laying low. 

Right now I should be unwinding, but I am super excited to start my little blog.  I have wanted to do this since I can remember.  I love to write and I feel like if I can document our life, my girls can have some reflection of how it was once.

If you are following me, welcome! 
I am sure there is something here for everyone... as this is a place for my brain to explode!   

Signing off for now...  Kel
My Silly little girls

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