HOT Summer Days at Gray Gables

Today was a BUSY, HOT Summer Day!  You know the ones I am talking about..the day is slow.. a rain storm even blew through in the early afternoon.  Then it turned into a HOT, humid mess ~ the sun shining so bright, leaving ZERO trace of any rain in sight for the naked eye to see.  It was busy with the sounds of Power Wheel Four Wheeler's through the yard and kids laughing, screaming and carrying on! It was filled with good food (BBQ Chicken bombs by Hubby) and lots of CAPRI SUNS littering the porch. 

As the sun set, a couple of whiny, hot kids and two parents boarded the old Chevy and HIT the fresh, open road for a SUMMER night roll in the old '63 Impala!  The kids asleep in the back, the open road all around and the cool country breeze filling the old car.  Something out of a REALLY good book, for sure!

I snapped this little pic and was enamored by the serene look of the tranquil brush- kind of took my breath away!  I love living in the country and all that this old house is giving to our family!  We are entertaining and enjoying our land and our home and it is a wonderful feeling!